The Summer Of Scandals, Mystery, and Love: A Jonas Brothers Fanfiction

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“The Summer of Scandals, Mystery, and Love.”

By Meghan Cummings


When a scandal hits the hottest band in the world, not only is their entire career in jeopardy - so are their lives. This is the summer that changed my life forever; the summer I fell in love with a boy I swore to myself I'd never like.

 This is the summer the Jonas Brothers went missing.

Chapter One:

(Brooke's POV)

"Jonas Brothers scandal update! After the multiple controversy videos of the three brothers, the Jonas Crew and family have decided that the best thing to do would be to take the summer of 2007 off and work things out together. According to the Jonas rep, they are going to isolate themselves somewhere unknown. Running away from our problems are we? More on the subject next, after these few commercial breaks.”

“Boring,” I said to myself as I was flipping through the channels on the TV. I have not seen these so called ‘controversy videos’ of the Disney band, and don’t care to. The Jonas Brothers are about as interesting as my Grandma's left toe.

“Those Disney kids always seem to mess up their careers. First Britney, then Lindsay, then Miley, and now the Jonas Brothers? I always thought they were the goody two shoe ones,” My dad, Michael asked.

“Do you really think I know? Slash care?” I flipped the TV off and hopped off the couch. “I’m going to go for a swim, I’ll see you later.” My dad laughed and got off the couch to grab a snack from the kitchen. 

My dad and I spend our summers at the family cabin, up in Northern Minnesota on a lake that so many people don't even know exist. It is like our little secret. The only downside was driving 15 miles to get to the nearest gas station, and then another 10 miles to get to the nearest grocery store. We avoid buying food as much as possible.

I walked to the lake, stripping down to just my swimsuit. I then dove off the dock into the fresh, clear water and cooled off from the humid air around me. It was really hot. But as I rose to breathe, I noticed two figures a couple hundred yards away at the old abandoned cabin next to my house.

“That’s weird,” I said to myself, unsure of why someone would be walking around here, of all places. It’s miles away from anything remotely normal and that cabin (next-door to my house) has been abandoned for years after the old man who lived in it died. I swam to the ladder of the dock, pulled myself up and quickly threw on my clothes after drying off.

I needed to figure out who the heck was creeping around the once empty land surrounding my cabin.

But, little did I know at the time, the ultra famous Joe Jonas was arguing with his dad less than a 100 feet away from me .


Joe sighed. “Dad, I don’t get it. How come we have to live miles away from all my friends, miles away from all my fans, and miles away from anything interesting? I don’t get why people are making such a big deal out of that video,” He sat down on a red chair near the lake and threw a rock into the lake. “I also don’t get why I can’t tell anyone where I am. This makes absolutely no sense.”

“I understand your frustration, Joe. We all are frustrated. None of us understand why we are here and what we did, but you just have to trust Jen,” Joe's dad, Kevin Jonas Sr., said as he went to sit down on a big rock. Jen was the Jonas Brothers' manager and the reason they were currently hiding out in Minnesota. “We need to be away from the public eye for awhile so we can find out who framed us in that obnoxious video. The only way we can do this is by cutting us off from the world for a couple of months. And we’ll see where it takes us. We have to.” Kevin Jonas Sr. explained to his son.

“We did nothing wrong. And now I’m going to have to spend my summer away from everyone I care about, and from every other person on this planet.” Joe sighed and looked around at what was going to be his home for the next three months of his life. Before he could process anything he suddenly noticed me walking around in my yard, staring at them. “Uh, dad? I see someone walking towards us,” Joe pointed to me, and stood up with a confused face.

“What the heck? Jen said this place was completely vacant,” Joe's dad said and started walking towards me as he dialed Jen’s number on his cell phone. “Hello? Jen? I thought you said this place was empty! We have neighbors!” He hung up the phone and walked quickly over to me. As these two strange men approached me, I didn’t know what to do- either run away, or stay put and listen to what they had to say. 

At this time, I had no idea I was within feet of the most famous boy in the world at the moment.

“Excuse me miss, I’d like to know who you’re working for. This is a personal matter and we’d rather not have any information leaked to the press,” Kevin Jonas Sr. said professionally assuming I worked for a news outlet.

“Um, excuse me? What do you mean ‘who I’m working for’?" I looked at the two. The one on the left looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t tell from where.

“I know you’ve been sent by some reporter to spy on us, and we’d rather not deal with that kind of stuff this summer,” Joe's dad said, once again.

"I seriously have no idea what you’re talking about. I live here. And I have lived here for the past seven years of my life,” I practically yelled, pointing to my house.

“Dad, I think she’s telling the truth. Jen must have just messed up. Like she always does…” Joe said to his dad, and received a glare back.

“I’m still going to have to look more into this. If you don’t care, would you mind if you came with us to our house for a second?” I nodded and followed them back to the cabin, knowing I didn’t have a choice.

“Follow us this way,” Kevin said, guiding me into a room with a couple people. I scanned the room and something clicked in my mind. I recognized the boy from outside because he was one of the three brothers of the famous band, the Jonas Brothers. I looked around and, sure enough, Nick and Kevin Jonas themselves were sitting three feet away from me.

“Oh my god…” My jaw dropped.

A little boy, probably around the age of 6, yelled up, “Don’t say God’s name in vain!” I looked over at the boy and assumed he was probably the youngest of the Jonas family and smiled.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I just didn’t realize what was going on, and the next thing I know is that I’m in a room with a couple of famous people. I’m just really confused,” I apologized, wondering why I was so star struck. Wasn’t I just dissing these boys on the TV a few minutes ago?

“It’s okay, I’m Nick,” said the teen heartthrob of my generation and stuck out his hand.

“Hi, I’m Brooke, and I have no idea what I’m doing in your house,” I said as I shook his hand. The oldest brother Kevin stood up and did same, and Joe eventually followed in.

“Hey, I’m Joe. We’ve already kind of met, but my dad had his manager face on, so I can only imagine what was going on in your head,” He smiled and held out his hand. God, I mean gosh, his smile is adorable. I quickly let go of his hand and mentally yelled at myself for being under his charm. I'm not supposed to be one of those girls who go "gaga" for the hot bands.

"So, why am I here...?" I asked the people who were all staring up at me. I managed to figure out it was the mom and dad of the Jonas family, and the Jonas Brothers younger brother, and Kevin's girlfriend. So, basically, I was stepping into the most popular band of the decades house completely drenched in lake water? Cool, Brooke, cool. I really know how to impress the big shots.

"Well, I'm not sure if you've heard, but these young boys are in some big trouble, and we're trying to escape the madness, so we decided to take a family vacation to what was supposed to be a vacant area in Northern Minnesota. We had no knowledge we were going to have neighbors," Kevin Jonas Sr. spoke up. The boys faces reddend when their dad mentioned they were in trouble. Nick looked especially upset, as if he was holding back tears.

It was weird.

"I've only slightly heard. I heard it on the TV a couple minutes ago before we met, but I don't really pay attention to Hollywood gossip so I've never seen those so called videos," I admitted, kind of embarrassed at my lack of knowledge on this subject. I usually like to be clued in all situations I'm involved in.

"Wait, did you just say videos, as in plural? More then one video?" Joe, Nick, and Kevin basically all yelled at the same time.

"Um, yes...?" I questioned myself, wondering if I was wrong with my information I had heard.

"Wait, dad, there is a second video leaked?!" Nick freaked out, looking at his dad. Kevin Jonas Sr. looked away and silently nodded.

"I haven't seen it yet, but apparently it was leaked a couple hours ago." He admitted, not looking at his sons.

"But you never told us?" Kevin asked, confused.

"I thought it was for the best. You guys were already upset about this situation, and I didn't want to make you guys even more upset. I'm sorry. Jen is looking more into this as we speak,"

"I'm so sick of Jen and her 'help' she's giving us. So far she has done nothing but send us to small house with no air conditioning," Joe complained and shook his head. At this point, I was confused beyond belief. Not only was I surrounded by pissed off rock stars, apparently I'm now in the middle of this mess with some chick named Jen? Someone better start answering my questions before I flip a switch.

"Okay, I'm really sorry. I realize you guys did something bad and now you're paying for your mistakes-"

"UM, we did NOTHING wrong," Nick practically yelled at me, breaking into the middle of my sentence. "Someone is sending around completetly fake videos and evidence linking us to things we NEVER did. And for some reason our rep thinks the best thing for us to do is chill alone for the summer cut of from all connection to the normal world.”

"And that's why my dad brought you in here. He thought you were a reporter or something that was going to leak our location, but I think we've all noticed you are definitely just in the wrong place at the wrong time," Joe chimed in.

"We'd really appreciate if you kept our identities a secret. The less people that know, the better. Only Jen, our manager, knows we're here." Kevin said. They all looked at me with sadness in their eyes. Am I supposed to believe them? That those videos are apparently a fake? I haven't seen them, but the press sure thinks they are legit.

"Well, I'm here the whole summer by myself and my dad. He's practically blind so he'd never notice. I swear on my life though, I have no connection to any kind of gossip magazine, nor do I want one..." I said. They all breathed a breath of belief, except for Nick.

"But you believe us, right? That those videos are a fake and that someone is trying to take us down for some reason?" He asked, looking straight at me.

"Um, to be honest, I haven't even seen the videos. But the press seems to be pretty convinced they're real," I replied.

"Come here. We'll show you them, then. But I want you to remember, this whole thing is fake. We have no idea who is setting us up and why they're doing this, but this is the video that started it all." Nick signaled me to come over, and brought up Youtube to the screen of his MacBook, with the famous video ready to press play. It had over 10,000,000 views and was only uploaded 4 days ago. He pressed play.

The next three minutes of my life I was speechless at what I was seeing. This is the video that started this whole story. And little did I know at the time, not only was it going to change their lives forever, it was also going to change mine.

Chapter Two:

(Brooke's POV)

So here I am. Sitting alone in a room with the three biggest stars of the 21st century. It's completely silent. Nick is pacing around, shaking his head vigorously. Joe is slumped down on a couch, staring off into space with an angry look on his face. Kevin was sitting in a chair, continuously tapping his foot, shaking his head. 

Let's just say, they looked extremely pissed off.

"Are you sure you didn't make this video?" I asked with caution, hoping they wouldn't blow up in my face. But the video looked real legit, I have no idea how it could not be them. 

"It's a complete fraud! Completely and utterly fraud!" Nick wailed, shutting his laptop with force.

"Boys, I love you guys more then anything. I hope you know that. But don't let this video get to your head. We're trying to figure something out. Your father and I are going to go video chat with Jen, but be ready for dinner in 45 minutes," Denise and Kevin Jonas Sr. both exited the room with Kevin's girlfriend and Frankie (The younger brother), whispering quietly to each other.

Then it was just us.

"So, um, about that video..." I started to say, trying to break the awkward silence.

"I don't want to hear it. If you're going bash us like everyone before you has, just save it," Joe said as he got off the couch and went to stare out a window in the room. "Go ahead and turn your back on us like everyone else.” 

Joe gazed out the window and shook his head.

I can't believe I'm about to say this.. but I'm starting to feel bad for them. I'm starting to feel bad for the Jonas Brothers. Oh God, no. Please, no.

I cannot go down this road. It can only end in a disaster.

But before I could mentally convince myself to walk out of that room (if I did, my life would be a whole heck of a lot easier - I'll give you that much) my big mouth decided to open and six words spilled out my mouth. The second I said them, I wanted to take the words back.

"What did you just say?" Kevin asked, looking straight at me. I looked around at the three brothers. All eyes were on me; they were giving me their full attention.

"Um, I want to help you guys?" I hesitated.

"Are you being serious right now?" Nick asked, and stopped from pacing. Three smiles started to form in the room."You're the first person who has ever offered to help us. Even Joe's girl friend didn't believe the video was a fake. They broke up last week.”

I looked over at Joe. Poor kid, getting dumped by the GF. He rolled his eyes and proceeded to say, "You don't have to, I mean, if you don't want to.” He read my face well, getting the vibe I felt bad for them and wasn't sure if this was the right decision. Dang, he's good. I've gotta take some acting lessons so everything I think isn't so obvious anymore.

"No, no, it's cool, I want to. I was never a huge fan of you," …Heck, I hated you less then 20 minutes ago… "But you guys deserve some help. I mean, I don't think you guys would ever do something like that.

"Do you seriously want to get yourself into this? By the looks of this whole situation, it's only going to get worse," Kevin asked me. "We'd appreciate it so much if you helped, but I don't think you understand how serious this is.”

"I understand and I'm up for it. I need some drama to complete this summer. It gets so freakin' boring when I'm alone with my dad. I know if I don't help you guys I'll regret it," I said to them. They all looked relieved and started smiling.

“You have no idea how much your help means to us," Nick said, smiling ear to ear. "But there is one thing you're going to have to understand," he said, his smile fading. "If anyone asks, you have no connection to us, the Jonas Brothers. If anyone, even your dad, asks who lives next door, make it up. The location of where we are "hiding" must remain secret. Without our privacy, we'll get nothing done. And our careers and dreams will be ruined forever.”

I slowly nodded, taking in everything he just said. So, I have to lie to my dad? Aka, lie to my best friend? That's not going to be easy, but it will be a sacrifice I'll take. I replied with a simple, but confident, "Understood."

Joe stuck out his hand and yelled out, "OPERATION TAKE DOWN THE CREEPS WHO ARE TAKING DOWN THE MOST AWESOME BAND THE WORLD HAS EVER WITNESSED IS A GO!" We all just looked at him for a second and eventually erupted into laughter.

"Uhh, Joe. I think we gotta go with something more simple," Kevin said, while he was laughing. "How about Operation Take Down the Haters?"

"We need something more clever," Nick said, with a hand on his chin.

"Of course we do, Nick. Not everything has to be brilliant," Joe said rolling his eyes. "Operation Take Down the Haters is perfect, we can use Operation TDH for short."

"Fine, but if I think of something better we're gonna change it," Nick argued. We all stuck out our hands and stacked them on top of each other and chanted "OPERATION TAKE DOWN THE HATERS IS A GO!" at the same time.

I just did a cheer with the freakin' Jonas Brothers.

What the heck am I getting myself into?!

Chapter Three:

(Brooke's POV)

For the next half hour of my life, I spent it sitting on the ground with the three most famous and beautiful guys in the country. We had a heart to heart conversation, shared a few tears, and a had group hug in the end. It was quite the sappy and touching moment.

You believed me, didn't you?

Nah, more like I was forced to sit on the ground and listen to a kid lecture me about Hollywood and how heartless and difficult it really can be. I pretended to feel sorry for them.

"You don't believe me, do you?" Nick said to me.

I rolled my eyes at him and sighed. "It's not that I don't believe you...I just don't understand how difficult your lives can be."

"Um, did you not see that video 30 minutes ago? Yeah, the video where we are dealing and taking illegal drugs? And you can't forget that throughout the whole thing, we're swearing like sailors. Did you not just see that?" Joe asked me, still remaining calm but showing his anger as well. "Believe it or not, it hurts. A lot."

Joe started swelling up, and wiped a tear away from his eye. "Someone out there in the world is trying to destroy us. And at this moment, they're succeeding. It makes gossip on the girls bathroom stalls look benign. Those guys in those videos aren't us. There is someone imitating us, and doing a darn good job at it, and right now there is nothing we can do about it."

I sat there silent, just looking at him. To be honest, before that "speech", I didn't even know he had a soul. And to be even more honest, I didn't believe any celebrity had a soul. Joseph Jonas was putting me under a spell every word he said; making me feel worse and worse for every thought I was previously thinking. There is so much I want to say to him and Kevin and Nick right now, but everything is just happening so fast in my brain I can't put them into sentences. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, trying to process everything.

-Right now, I'm surrounded by the Disney band, the Jonas Brothers.

-Someone framed them and made videos of them doing bad things..but it really isn't them?

-They have no hope and need someone to bring up their spirits.

-I'm supposed to be that person...


I'm no good with expressing my emotion, so right now, they most likely think I'm the female version of the Grinch. Joe just poured his heart out to me and I'm here, with my head in my lap trying to think of something to say back. All I've gotta do is apologize for being rude and say I understand and that I'm going to help them in whatever way possible? Yeah, that sounds just about right. Let's pray I don't screw this one up.

"Joe..I'm really sorry. I must have just sounded like a huge brat, but trust me, I really am not one. It's just I'm not used to this kind of stuff. It's all coming really fast to me. The biggest thing that has happened in my life was that a 60 year old woman gave birth to triplets when I was 12. I'm really sorry you guys. I can't even begin to try to understand what it must feel like. I swear to you, we'll figure this out and get to the bottom of it if it's the last thing I do."

Okay that was really cheesy, I wish I didn't say that last line. "Once again, I'm sorry and I'm determined to bring you guys back on top of Hollywood by the end of the summer." I half smiled and looked up at the boys. Joe nodded and smiled to, and gave me a side hug, a long with the other two brothers.

So I guess I didn't completely lie above. We did end in a group hug, we also shed a few tears, and I also spent it on the ground with the three most famous guys in the country.

"Thank you, Brooke. It means a lot to us, I want you to know that. Your trust and faith in us has already given us more hope," Kevin said. Awe, I mean a lot to the JoBroz. How sweet. Before I could reply, I heard some yelling coming from the room over.

"Boys, it's dinner time!" Those four words made the boys look the happiest they've looked all day. I guess boys really do love them their dinner. They all bolted out of the room, except for Kevin, who hung in back with me.

"Do you want to eat dinner with us?" he asked politely.

"No, it's okay. I'm sure my dad is wondering where I've been anyways. Have a good dinner. You guys can call me later, if you want though, so we can discuss this little operation later," I smiled and scribbled my number down a slip of paper and handed it to Kevin.

"Okay awesome, thanks Brooke! I'll see you later!" He walked me to the door and then shut it behind me as I was on my way out. That was the most interesting hour of my life. Little did I know, though, the next hour was only going to get even more interesting.

When I got back to my cabin, I went to my room to check my phone. I had one missed call from an unknown number so I assumed it was Kevin, just giving me his number.

But then I listened to the voicemai and couldn't believe what I heard.

"Back down while you can. These boys aren't telling you the complete truth. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into. Don't say I didn't warn you. I don't want to see you get hurt, but there is a good chance you'll be brought down along side these stuck up brothers. Is your reputation really worth their career? 'Cause I can ruin it in a matter of seconds. Tell the boys you got this message, and a 3rd video of them will be released."

And that was only the first threat.

Chapter Four:

(No One's POV)

Kevin entered his new kitchen and looked around. His entire family was sitting around a table, far smaller than the one they had back in California. Even without their state of the art oven software, his mom still seemed to create a delicious meal. It smelled good, at least.

"So this second video...what's that about?" Nick asked his father who was sitting across the table from him.

"I don't know if we should discuss that right now," he replied, glancing at Frankie, trying to hint at Nick it wasn't appropiate for the young boys ears.

"He's going to find out eventually, might as well be from his family," Nick argued. 

Papa Jonas sighed and gave in. "Fine, it's not as scandalous as the one before, but it's still not the boys we raised up. It's basically of Joe faking his taxes and committing fraud."

"Well that's a relief. I thought it was going to worse then that," Nick said with a chuckle.

"Thanks Nick, that means a lot. It may not be as bad as the first, but it still is upsetting. I couldn't even fake my own taxes if i knew how." Joe said, looking straight at Nick.

"I know. I'm sorry. But soon enough the police is going to be involved, and when they are, I want hardcore evidence of our innocence!" Nick expressed to his brothers.

"Nick, it's too late," Kevin Jonas Sr. said. "We just received a phone call from Jen saying the police has been looking for us, especially after that last video,"

"What?! What are we going to do?" Joe asked, rising up from his chair. "I can't go to jail! I'm only 18 years old!"

"Honey, no one said you're going to jail. We are just supposed to turn ourselves into the police..." Mrs. Jonas said.

"Which basically means, going to jail. We can't leak our location, we must stay in hiding. If we ever want to make music again, we must figure out who's doing this before we're thrown in jail cells. Those videos are enough evidence for them to lock us up for a long time," Nick said, standing up next to Joe.

"Running away from the police is another crime. We don't want to turn this into a bigger mess than it already is," Mr. Jonas said to his sons.

"No one knows where we are, there are slim chances of them finding us. I don't see why we can't just stay here the summer and try to figure out what's wrong." Kevin added to his brothers arguments.

"I'm sorry boys, I can't participate in this. If you really want to hide away from the world, you can. I can't and I won't stop you. But Denise, Frankie, and Danielle and I are going to go back to California," Mr. Jonas replied sternly.

"Fair enough," Joe said looking at his family. "But if you go, you can't give away anything. Because then, our lives will be ruined forever."

Denise nodded and tears started forming in her eyes. "I love you all so much, but I believe this is the easiest way for us to solve this problem. Give us your cell phones, they'll try to track you buy that or any other electronics. Nick, we're going to bring your MacBook with, too,"

"How are we going to find out anything then?" he asked.

"Brooke, I'm sure she has a computer. And a TV, it'll be good. Jen won't tell the press, obviously, so it'll be fine. When we arrive back in Cali, if people question us, we'll say we have no idea where you went and how, but all we know is that you're gone. And that we never ended up going on a family vacay. This also means we can't be in contact with each other, so that'll be hard," Denise finished.

"How am I supposed to stay away from my girlfriend for a whole summer?" Kevin asked, looking at Danielle.

"It's okay, Kevin, I'll be fine. I'll stick with your parents, it'll be okay, I promise. This is important to you and I know if you don't do something about this mess, we'll never have a chance together again. I love you, and it's going to be the longest summer of my life, but in the end, I know it'll be worth it," Danielle stood up and hugged her boyfriend with tears in her eyes.

"I guess this is it," Mr. Jonas said. "We never unpacked so we should be out in less then 10 minutes," The boys went over to their parents and hugged them, giving last good byes and kisses on the cheek.

"Take care of yourself, Frank," Joe said to Frankie. They all hugged good bye, and before the band could realize it, they were alone in the one of the most deserted areas of Minnesota.

Chapter Five:

(Brooke's POV)

Bazzzzzzzzz. Bazzzzzzzzzz.

(If you can't tell, that's supposed to be my phone vibrating.)

"What time is it?" I asked myself, waking up to sound of the vibration. I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock. 7:05 am. Who the heck is callin' me this early in the morning?

"Helllloo?" I asked, my voice sounding a bit raspy, due to the fact I was just waking up from a mere 6 hour sleep.

"Hey Brooke, it's Kev. There is a lot we need to talk about, so if you can come over to house as soon as you can, it'd be greatly appreciate," The Jonas Brother said to me on the other line. What in the world are they doing up this early? It's SUMMER. Aka, time to sleep in. I'm gonna yell at them later for takin' away my beauty sleep time.

"Ugh, seriously? Already? Fine. I'll be over in 20 minutes. Let me shower first," I said and hung up the phone. I went over to my bathroom, turned on my shower, and took off my pajamas. I grabbed my bathrobe from my closet and slipped it on.

"Brookie? You're up already?" I heard my dad call from the kitchen, a couple rooms down.

"Yeah, something woke me up, so I'm up and at 'em already!" I yelled back. I ran to my suitcase, still unpacked, and grabbed out an outfit that was comfy, but yet cute too. Oh crap. I'm dressing up for these boys. Not a good idea. I need to remind myself one more time about how I would never in a million years like a boy who lives in the spot light.

"Alright, I'll make you some breakfast then," he called back. I shut my door and went back to the bathroom and stepped into my hot, steamy shower.

After I finished showering and got dressed, I made my way into my kitchen. My dad was finishing my breakfast, so I went to the 'fridge to get a glass of orange juice and sat down at the table.

"I got up extra early and drove down to the gas station and picked up a few newspapers for you to enjoy," he smiled and tossed me a stack of newspapers.

I flipped through them, reading the headlines. "Boring, boring, boring," I stopped when I came across one that had three familiar faces plastered on the front. 

"What the?" I asked myself and looked at the headline on the front of the Star Tribune.


The famous boy band, the Jonas Brothers, went missing yesterday. When the Jonas family released information on how the were going to go on a family vacation to get away from the madness, the JoBros skidattled, without leaving a trace behind.

This was "conveniently" after the family received a call from the police, asking to turn themselves in. The Papa and Mama Jonas have no idea where they've ran off to. As odd as these past couple of days have been for these boys, it's leaving us all with questions... Did they really run away or were they kidnapped?

The two videos have now turned into the biggest scandals Disney has ever witnessed. They're losing fans by the second, and being hunted down by police across the country. Time is running out boys! They'll find out where you are sooner or later!

"What are you reading, Brookie?" My dad asked, probably because my facial expressions were once giving away my fear.

"Uh, nothing," I lied and quickly ate up the bagel my dad set in front of me. "I'll be back in a few hours, though, I think I'm going for a walk," I stuffed the newspaper in my pocket and ran over to Jonas cabin. I knocked on the door, and within seconds Joe answered the door.

"Hey there, Brooke, thanks for coming over," He opened the door for me and I followed him inside. Kevin and Nick were sitting around a table in the living room, looking at still frames from the first video, probably trying to figure out why these guys in the videos looked so much like them.

"Hey Kevin, hi Nick," I said to them and sat down next to them.

"Oh hey Brooke, we're just looking at some stuff from the first video," Nick looked up and gave me a slight smile. "But anyways, the reason we wanted you to come over. The police is looking for us,"

"Yeah, I know." I replied. They all looked at me, confused. "It was in the paper, front page, actually," I tossed them the newspaper and all their eyes widened.

"The press already knows? How in the world?" Kevin asked, dumbfounded. He scratched his head and read the article. "News sure does get out fast,"

"So is it true? Are your parents not here anymore?" I asked.

"Yep, just us three brothers. Frankie and Danielle left too," Nick replied. 

"That really sucks..why are the police looking for you guys, anyways?"

"The videos. The first one with the illegal drugs, probably. I guess it's enough evidence to take it to the court. And I guess the second video, too, but we haven't seen that one yet," Joe said.

"Oh yeah, I could see why you'd get in trouble for the second video," I said.

"You've seen it?! What did they frame me as in it?" Joe asked, paranoid.

"Um, it was not very all. It was some sort of Martha Stewart type of thing. Basically they made it seem like you pocked millions from faking your taxes. You just seemed...evil in it." I replied honestly. 

"We have to figure out who's framing us, before they release even worse videos," Kevin said. "I'm not sure where to start, though, in this so called investigation,"

"Let's make a list of people who you personally know who you think would do this to you," I suggested, and picked up a notebook from the side table.

"Miley Cyrus," Nick said, half-joking. Joe recovered from his crying sesh and started laughing. "Nah, I'm just kidding. She doesn't hate me that much,"

"Good idea. Start with the exes," Kevin said, still laughing.

"Exes? Alright. Mandy, AJ Michalka, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato..." Joe said, naming the last couple girls he dated off the top of his head. God, what a player. That's a lot of girls for one guy. Can you say man whore?

"What about Mackenzie?" Nick asked. I don't know who the heck Mackenzie is, but I'm guessing it's probs one of Joe's GF's.

"It couldn't be her. We were still dating when the first video came out. I doubt she would have done it," Joe replied. "Don't put down any of those girls from before though. The only one who legit still hates me is Taylor."

"This is too harsh for someone to do who just doesn't like the band. It has to be someone who we emotionally hurt or personally know who just for some reason, has a strong desire to tear us apart," said Kevin.

"True, so who? A PMSing ex-fan?" Joe tried. I gave him a look. I hate it when guys think they can use the term, PMS. It's def a girl thing, and guys should just stay outta it.

"It also has to be someone with that kind of technology. I mean, they have videos of like replicas of us. It's like we're in a SciFi film all of a sudden," Nick added.

"But how do they have these replicas? Unless they took separate videos of us, and stuck them into scenes, and did this as precise as possible. The only thing I can think of is clones," Joe said.

"Clones?! HA! Isn't that impossible?" I asked, looking at the boys.

"Anything is possible now." Kevin sigh.

Bazzzzzzzzz. (If you forgot, that's my phone vibration.)

I looked at my phone, I had a new message. 

One New Message

Hey Brooke, don't think we can't see you. Glad to hear you haven't mentioned the first call, but we still don't know why you insist on helping them.

You're hurting yourself.

Get out there, before it's too late.

Remember, they can't know this.


xoxo, J3Z

What. The. Heck.

I completely forgot about that voicemail until now. What does this, J3Z person mean they can see me? I quickly scanned the room, looking for cameras or something. But the only thing I could see were three boys, giving me confused faces.

"Brooke, are you..okay?" I heard one of them ask me. My head was spinning and everything in the room was getting blurry. "Hello, Brooke?"

And that's when it all went black.

Chapter Six:

Brooke's POV

"I hate you," I said, looking up at Joe Jonas. Moments ago, he poured a flower vase on my face, apparently to try to wake me up. (I blacked out or something? Puh-lease, I was def just closing my eyes...and falling to the the same time.....) Now, water is a good way to wake people up when they faint, black out, etc. But pouring a glass of water, while it still has flowers in it, is not a good idea. It's rather annoying, actually.

"I said I was sorry Brooke, I was just worried. You fell to the ground pretty fast," Joe said trying to keep a straight face. It was only obvious he was holding back smiles. I probs looked so attractive at that moment. I mean, who doesn't love girls who are drenched in water with flowers flowing all over their face?

"Yeah, you looked like you saw a ghost," Nick added. He was also trying not to smile. Way to be hide it, Nick Jay. "Alright, but are you okay? Why did you all of a sudden freak out? Your phone buzzed, and the next thing we know is that you're on the floor."

Oh yeah. That text. What am I supposed to say to them? Apparently I can't tell them about the texts and stuff. Okay, Brooke. Think of something fast and make it up. Think, think, think. 

"Oooh, yeah. Um, I just got a text from my friend saying she passed high school. She's a real idiot, (like you Joe...hehe, I left that out.) so I was super shocked, causing me to faint," I lied, looking up at them. They didn't look convinced but shrugged anyways.

"Okay, I'm hungry. Do we have any food?" Nick said. He walked over to the kitchen and called back, "Houston, we've gotta problem! No food in this joint!"

"What?!" Joe and Kevin yelled, and ran over to the kitchen.

"What the heck are we going to do?" Kevin said, when we got into the kitchen. "It's not like we can go grocery shopping without being recognized," I nodded, but quickly noticed three faces were staring at me and smiling. Joe was giving me a puppy dog look, and Nick was attempting to, but he was failing miserably.

"Oh, no. I'm not driving 25 miles just to buy YOU guys food," I said, backing up. Who do they think I am? Their maid?

"Please Brooke, you know we can't go out in public," Kevin pleaded.

"You can wear a disguise," I argued.

"We still don't know how to get there," Joe added.

"MapQuest it."

"We don't have a computer," Nick said standing, folding his arms.

"I guess you're going to have starve then..." I said, teasing them.

"Please Brooke? We're guys. We can't go an hour without food," Joe begged.

"Ugh, fine. But one of you is coming with me, I'm not doing the 45 minute drive alone to buy your food," I said, finally giving in. I should have known from the start I could never win this argument.

"Nose goes!" Nick chanted, sticking his finger on his nose. God, they're so mature. I laughed as Kevin quickly stuck his finger on his nose, and looked over at Joe who was staring off into nothing, obviously in some other world.

"I guess you're comin' with me, Joe," He looked over at me with a blank expression.

"Wait, what?" he asked, confused.

"You lost the nose goes game, bro," Kevin explained. "So you get to take the 45 minute drive down to the grocery store with Brooke!"

"Oh I wasn't paying attention, oops. But fine, alright. I like car rides," he answered. "Where's my disguise?" We all looked at each other, unsure what to do.

"I think I have some sunglasses and a hat in my cabin. They're my dads," I offered.

"Alright cool, thanks. I'll go steal one of Kevin's scarves, lets meet out in the front in five minutes," Joe responded.

"Sounds good! Don't forget money!" I said on my way out.

5 Minutes Later:

Surprisingly enough, Joe beat me out. I figured he was going to take an extra 10 minutes on top of 5 I gave him, but he surprised me and was out right on time.

"Lookin' a little late Brooke," Joe teased. He smiled at me, putting me under that spell again. I can't help myself. The boy is making me fall for him second by second. And I hate it. I can not like a Jonas. I can't.

"Shut up," I replied. "Here's the hat and glasses, hope they're not too knock-off for you,"

"Nah, they're cool," he said, putting them on. He hopped into the passenger seat of my car so I followed him and got into the drivers seat. I turned the car on, put on the radio, and stuck my phone in the cup holder.

"So, how old are you Brooke?" he asked once we started going.

"17. I just graduated from high school."

"That's cool. I sometimes wish I could have gone to a real high school," he replied, tapping his hand on the door by the window to the beat of the song.

"No, you really don't. The only fun things are like the dances."

"I wish I could have gone to prom. That's the one thing I really miss,"

"I didn't go to prom," I answered, and glanced over at him.

"Seriously? Why not?" he asked.

"No one asked me, and it's not really a dance you go to with just your friends, so I just chilled at home for the night,"

"That's surprising," he muttered.

"What do you mean? What's surprising?"

"That you went alone. I would have thought tons of guys would have fought over you to have you as their date to prom," Joe effing Jonas say what? Was that considered flirting? Calm down, Brooke. Calm down. You don't like him. And you never will. Because a- it could never happen, b- he would never like you, and c- at the moment, he's wanted by the police. Combined, that is some serious un-boyfriend material.

"You're joking, right? Half the guys in my school don't even know I exist. The other half that do know me, spend their free time in chess club," I shuttered, remembering the time John Wilkins asked me out to go to the nearby nerdy comic book convention. Def not my type of guy.

"That's weird. Who do those guys fall for then?" Why is he asking me so many questions? Can this ride please hurry up. I'm gettin' uncomfortable.

"Well, in order to have a boyfriend in my high school, you've gotta be basically advertising that you'll sleep around, do drugs, and drink. Those are all kind of against my morals and beliefs, and I don't think any guy is worth doing that kind of stuff," I said, quietly. I looked over at Joe, he was shaking his head.

"That's messed up. I'm guessing none of them have purity rings like us. I hate it when people question the rings. It's so annoying. It's like, if I wasn't saving myself for marriage, than why would I wear this ring? I'm not wearing it so people think that. I wear it with honesty because it's what I believe in.”

"I'm sorry. I guess being in the public eye at all times would get annoying," I tried to resonate with him.

"It's amazing, how we get to live our dream and everything,” Joe said after being silent for a minute. “Being famous definitely has its perks, but moments like these…you regret playing your first song.”

"Don't say that. This is just a bump in the road. Everyone experiences that one time in their life. You'll get through this," I was going to say more, but I was interrupted by my phone buzzing. I went to reach for it, but Joe's hand beat me to it.

"Don't text while driving," he teased. I laughed and shook my head. What a cutie. I mean, what an idiot. Joe Jonas is an idiot. I don't like him. Nope, not at all. 

...who am I kidding.

In these past 2 days, I've fallen in deeply and madly in love with him.

Chapter Seven:

Brooke's POV

"Brooke, your phone keeps buzzing," Joe said, about 5 minutes later. Ugh it's probably my dad wondering where I am. I've been gone for awhile now.

"Just read me what the message says," I said with my eyes on the road. Party Like A Rockstar started playing on the radio, which made me turn the music up. I absolutely love this song.

"Um, okay." He hesitated for a second but then stated, "It says, 'You're close enough to tell. Don't ruin it, Brooke'. It's from an unknown number. What the heck does that mean?" Joe asked. He turned to look at me. Fricken chicken. God, it's from that J3Z person..people..whatever. How in the world do they know my every step. I grabbed the phone away from him as quickly as possible, just incase they were currently watching.

"Nothing, oh nothing, um I think it's from," Think, Brooke, think!

Bazzzzzzzzzzzz. Shoot. My phones ringing again.

One New Message

Yes, we're always watching. 

And yet, you still blew it.

Listen to the radio carefully, what you're about to hear is your fault. Tell Joe that message is from your mom, & she was wondering if your dad was still hung up about the girl he cheated on her with last year.

'Cause if you don't,

What you're about to hear will be 10x worse then it can be.

Aw, shoot. Blackmail, really? I'm only in this for the excitement. Not in it to add more drama to this situation then there should be. But seriously, what the heck? If someone seriously knows where we are, they would have blown their cover already. I'm so confused.

"Um, from my mom. Yeah, my mom, she probably is wondering if my dad is still hung up about the girl he cheated on her with last year. She doesn't want me to, um, ruin my relationship with my dad, but still find out information for her," I said, basically 100 miles an hour. He looked at me like, WTF? But instead just nodded.

"Sorry, that's annoying," He gave my shoulder a small pat and looked forward. Oh god, he's feeling bad for me now. What the heck did I get myself into yesterday?

"No, it's okay. It's just awkward," I replied. We both sat silent for the next 5 minutes, me because I was trying to listen to what the heck I was supposed to be listening to.

10 minutes passed, still nothing. If I could know what I was listening for, it'd be a lot easier.

5 more minutes passed, and still nothing.

Soon enough, I pulled into the grocery store and parked in the parking lot.

"You ready to go in?" I asked him. He jumped up and nodded.

"Sorry, I think I fell asleep," He laughed and unbuckled his seat belt. "But, we've gotta think of like a new name for me. Calling me, (this was a whisper) Joe (unwhisper) will give away too much,"

"Glad to see you're thinkin' ahead, Jo- uh, I mean, Maxwell!" Maxwell? Wtf Brooke? That has to be the lamest name you could have thought of.

"Maxwell, really? Aha, I like it. Can I pretend I have a british accent? That'd be fun," Joe, I mean Maxwell asked. I nodded and hopped out the door. He continued, "Let's make it quick, I'm sure, Nathaniel and Markus are hungry," I laughed and gave him a look.

"I'm sure they are," I replied. We then entered the grocery store and the first thing I saw was a little girl with a Jonas Brothers tour tshirt on. "Look, there is a fan."

"Good eye, Annabelle! Our house has no air conditioning, a fan would be a perfect add on!" I couldn't help but laugh. God, Joseph Jonas has seriously put me under a spell. And I am absolutely memorized by it.  He ran over to the corner of the store and plopped a plug in fan into the shopping cart. "Now where were we. Apples?"

And, if you're wondering, his so called British accent sucked.


We spent almost 20 minutes in the store, Joe, er, Maxwell was having the time of his life. Who knew someone could have so much fun in a grocery store. But I guess when the worlds against you, and you have the opportunity to have fun, even if it's in the weirdest place, you take it.

We reached the cash register and paid for the food (which was a lot, those boys eat a ton, incase you wanted to know) and went back to my car. Joe put all the groceries into the trunk and I, uh, got to watch him...hehe, let's just say he's got a good set of guns. Arms I mean. Joseph Jonas has really nice arms.

Soon enough we were on the road again, ready for our 45 minute drive back.

"So, how was my british accent?" asked Joe, with a huge smile.

"So legit. Could have fooled me!" I lied. In reality, it sounded like an American accent that ended words early. But, I'll let him have his glory, he doesn't need anymore downers today.

He smiled and rolled down his window. "It's such a perfect day right now, but at the same time, so unperfect. Y'know what I...I..." He stopped speaking and turned up the volume on the radio. "What did she just say?"

It's Milly Mae reporting straight from Minneapolis. We just received an anonymous email that links to the Jonas Brothers scandal! These boys aren't as innocent as we thought. We received a recording of them talking, and you're gonna hear it first from KTPFM, 108.6!

"What the heck is she talking about," Joe said, his smiles completely fading.

I guess the happy Joe didn't last long.

Chapter Eight:

Brooke's POV

Joe turned the radio up louder and listened carefully.

My, oh my! These boys just keep pulling fast ones on us. Who knew the three brothers could ever have a scandal? Let alone three scandals! As most of you know, the first video was quite the outrageous one. Appanretly those boys put their noses in more things than just books!! And after seeing the second video, Joe Jonas is now charged for tax evasion. At the moment, no one knows where these tricky boys are! But, we do indeed have a lead! More on this topic after this short commercial break!

"Holy heck, no," Joe Jonas said, as he kicked his foot at the front of the car. "I don't think I can handle anymore scandals. Why the heck are they doing this to me?" I looked over at the boy but couldn't read his face expression. He still had the shades, hat, and scarf on. But from what I could see, he looked pissed off, crushed, and as if he was getting to the point where he was going to shoot someone. I better not be that someone; I did not agree to death when I signed up to help them.

"It's probably not that bad, I's only a recording, so how bad can it be?" I tried. The reason this is becoming public on the air is all my fault. Joe read that text, from J3Z, which is basically against their rules. I don't know who they are, but they're ruining this poor kids life.

"I hope you're right," he sighed and looked out the window. It remained silent for awhile, until I heard sirens behind me.

"Holy buckets! Joe, there's a police car behind me!" Joe's head spun around and noticed the red and blue lights flashing in all directions.

"Shoot! Don't pull over, Brooke!" he screamed at me. But it's not like I have a choice- if I don't pull over now I'm going to have to pull over in 5 minutes.

"I have to pull over! This road goes straight for 10 more miles, there is no where we can hide," I shrieked as I pulled the car over to the side. I heard Joe mumble some choice words and shake his head, knowing there is a chance he was seconds away from going to prison.

I felt a tap on my window, so I turned my head and smiled, rolling down the window. Joe gave me one last look, and then faced the opposite direction of the cop. I was forced to turn off the radio, seconds after hearing "And we're back! New recording of the Jonas Brothers right at you. It includes some major hints of where they're hiding! You heard it first from KT-" 

"Good mornin', ma'am," The cop said to me. I just smiled, but inside, my heart was beating as fast as humanly possible.

"Morning," I managed to say with my voice shaking.

"Do you realize how fast you were just travelin'?" He asked, and I sighed a huge breath of relief. So he's not after Joe, he's after my speeding.

"Too fast?" I tried. As relieved as I am this isn't a trap to catch Joe, I still don't want no speeding ticket. Those cost way too much money.

"That's right, honey. It's a 55 MPH speed zone, and you were goin' 80," I heard Joe chuckle from the seat next to me. I gave him a slight slap and then turned back to the police officer. "That's a new one. The girl is drivin' and the boy sitin' in the passenger seat,"

"Uh, yeah sorry. This is my car so I guess it makes sense I'd drive. And , like, feminism." he nodded and gave a long look at Joe.

"What's your name, boy?" he asked and started to lean on my window.

"Uh, Maxwell Rogers," Joe quickly responded, in his fail of a British accent. 

"Oh really. Can ya please take off your glasses? You look like someone I know," Oh god no. No, this cannot be happening. Joe looked at me with panic, but slowly took off the sun glasses. "Hmm, that's funny. You look a lot like one of them Jonas Brothers," No. Ah, no. This can NOT be happening.

"Ha, oh really?" Joe faked a smile at the police officer and slowly turned away. "I get that a lot,"

"Oh do you? Is that 'cause you are one of them? Young man, you are in a lot of trouble," the police officer said and stood up. "I'm gonna have to ask you to exit this vehicle,"

"Why would I have to-" I interrupted Joe by slamming on the gas and speeding the heck of that there. "What the heck are you doing, Brooke?!" Joe screamed at me. He turned around and saw the cop running towards us, but his body got smaller and smaller, and eventually hopped back into his cop car, on the way to get us once again.

"Saving your butt!" I exclaimed and quickly turned off the road into an empty field. "C'mon, hop outta the car we've gotta ditch the cop before he finds us!" I pressed on the brakes hard and grabbed Joe's hand, steering him in the direction I wanted to go. I've spent every one of my summers here since I was 11 years, I know this place. And I know there is a rent a boat shop nearby that lies on the lake I live on. And that's where I'm heading.

"What about the food?" he screamed, looking back at the truck.

"Screw the food, Joe! If you don't want to go to prison, I'd recommend you to run a little faster and follow me!" I let go of his hand and bolted into a forest a couple hundred feet away from the road. I ducked down behind a bush and saw the police officer speeding by.

"God, he's an idiot. My car is freakin' 20 feet away from him and he didn't notice," I whispered to Joe, who crouched down next to me. "Okay, here's the plan, I'm going to go rent one of those boats, you stay here, and then we're gonna paddle back to your house. There is no way I'm getting back in my car," Ugh. My dad is going to kill me. Not only am I now linked to the Jonas scandal, I also lost my car.

"Alright, sounds good," he said quietly. "I'll chill here, and you motion to me when it's time," I nodded and crawled out of the forest to the boat renting dock a couple yards away from the forest.

I looked back at Joe, who was sitting down on the forest ground. He looked so hopeless, so crushed. It's weird to think that a week ago he was on stage performing to his millions of fans and today he is running away from the police, hiding in a forest infested with bugs and spiders. 

This time yesterday I wasn’t even a fan of the Jonas Brothers. And, today, it's like I'm the only fan left.

Chapter Nine:

No One's POV

"It's been almost two hours. Where do you think they are?" Kevin asked his younger brother, Nick. There were chilling in Nick's room trying to write a new song. As you probably guessed, the song wasn't a happy one.

"I don't know. Brooke said it's about a 45 minute drive, right? Well that means and hour and half there and back. I'm sure they just spent a lot of time in the grocery store," Nick guessed, looking back at his paper of lyrics. "Let's call this one Hold On."

"That sounds just about right," Kevin responded.

"Here, take a listen to this," Nick said. He cleared his throat and started singing,

We don't have time left to regret (hold on)
It will take more than common sense (hold on)
So stop your wondering take a stand (hold on)
There's more to life than just to live (hold on)

"Hey, that's pretty good. Write that down on a clean sheet. We can show Joe when he comes back," Kevin said, impressed. "I don't want to write a whole song without him,"

"Yeah, but what's the point? Writing this song? For all we know, soon enough the cops are going to come to our house and take us away. Our careers are over," Nick sighed and crumpled up the lyrics he just wrote down and tossed them into the hallway.

"If you have no hope, we're going to get no where. Who knows, maybe Joe and Brooke got a lead while they were gone," Kevin said, but didn't mean it. He knew there was such a slim chance they found anything, and an even slimmer chance they'll get out of this mess.

"I pray to God you're right. Let's just call them and check on them. I want to make sure Joe picked up some Diet Coke," 

Kevin nodded and picked up his phone, dialing Brooke's number. "That's weird, it went straight to voicemail,"

"Maybe it died?" said Nick.

"Probably. Should I call Joe?" Kevin asked, starting to get a little nervous, but didn't want to admit it.

"Yeah, just to make sure they're okay," Nick replied, also getting nervous but not wanting to admit either. Kevin pressed the number 6 on his phone, Joe's speed dial, and then the two heard a vibration coming from the kitchen. "Dang it Joe! He would leave his phone here."

The two of them just sat there and silently picked up the scraps of paper full of lyrics on the floor and threw them away. "Let's go look at those still frames again. There has to be some kind of clue in them," Nick suggested and they both walked back to their living room, where the still frames were in the same place they had left them a couple hours earlier.

"Hey, I didn't know we had a radio here," Kevin said, pointing to the radio a couple feet away from him.

"Oh yeah, I saw that yesterday. I'm surprised Mom and Dad didn't bring it along," Nick went over to the radio and turned it on. "Let's see if they still play our songs," He laughed, knowing the answer was no. He flipped through the stations, coming across the first station was clear satellite. He went back to sit down, and hummed to the song playing, Forever Young, and looked at the pictures in front of him.

During the middle of the song, an interrupted broadcaster broke into the song.

"What the heck? said Kevin, wondering what was so important to break into a song.


"Didn't we pass Alexandria on our way up here..?" Nick asked with fear in his voice. Kevin nodded and took a deep breath.

"Frick." they both said simultaneously and Kevin unplugged the radio. "They're on to us."

Chapter Ten:

Brooke's POV

I wandered around towards the boat shack, looking around to make sure the cop didn't somehow find us. Everything was clear so I preceded to walk up the steps of the store. 

"And then I was like, what are you doing here? And he was like, baby I just love you can't like stay away. And so I was like, baby I love you more. It was like, so romantic. I love him, like so much. Like, I think we're going to married," a girl who looked  in her early twenties was speaking into a cell phone while chewing a big piece of gum. I hate girls like her. She was flipping through the newest Teen Vogue magazine and saw me standing in the store. "Aw sho, Stacey, I've got a costumer, I'll call ya back in a few," She flipped off her phone and looked straight at me, "What do ya want, girl?"

"Um, well I'm in a rent a boat shop. I most typically would want to rent a boat," I said and came up to the counter.

"Oh ya, sorry. What kind? We've got um, the ones with those sticks you put in the water? And a few with, um, the ones that requires those keys," She shrugged and looked at me. "Make your decision, I've got like calls to make,"

I reached into my pockets. Shoot. I don't have any money. Well..this is going to be interesting.

"How about you give me 'the one with sticks' for free, and I won't tell your boss about how uneducated and unprofessional you are at this job," I said and crossed my arms.

"Nice try, girl. But the boss is actually my dad," she smirked and winked.

"So then he'd be more disappointed? His own daughter can't even help run his shop? He's going to be so sad," I winked back and smirked at her.

"Ugh, fine. Here's the universal key, just throw it up on the steps when you're down," she rolled her eyes and tossed me a pair of keys.

"Thank you, darling," I laughed and ran out of the shack. I motioned over to Joe, telling him it was time to go jack this boat. His face lit up and ran over to me, by the lake.

"Which one should we get? Probably the paddle boat because it'll make less noise, so we don't attract anymore attention than we already have," I said, pointing to the variety of boats.

"Yeah, good idea. Do you know how to get back? 'Cause I'm clueless here," he laughed and hopped into the nearest paddle boat and I followed in. I threw the keys to the steps, but only missed but a couple feet. "You didn't steal this, did you?"

"Well, I wouldn't call it stealing..." I laughed and started rowing, handing him the other pair of paddles. "Don't worry about it. It's all good,"

"Whatever you say, Brooke," smiled and rowed along with me away from the shore.  About ten minutes later the shop was barely seen, and we were on our way home.

"Hey, I've gotta question," he started. "How do you think the radio had a lead on our location before the cop pulled us over? I don't know how in the world they could already figure out. I've barely been here for 24 hours,"

Dang. He brought that up, I was hoping he was going to be dumb enough not to notice. I looked at my phone that was sitting in my lap, so tempted to tell him everything. It's not like they could see where I am now? We're in the middle of a lake with only wildlife surrounding us. Unless, unless they were tracking me by my phone. It would make sense. That could be why the cop pulled us over, he must have gotten an anonymous lead that a car was speeding with a possible JoBro in it. Without even thinking, I tossed my phone into the lake and watched it sink to the bottom. My dad is seriously going to kill me.

"Why the heck did you do that?" He asked me, a little confused. I've gotta tell him the truth. What more can they do to these guys? Especially when there is absolutely nothing right now that could be possibly watching me, unless it was Joe himself. But that wouldn't make any sense at all...right?

"Um, okay, fine. I have to tell you something," I said, clearing my throat and looked up at the sky.

"What do you mean?" He gave me that confused look one more time, and the next thing I knew, tears were streaming down my face, I couldn't stop them. I just felt so guilty.

"It all started yesterday, after I first met you guys. I came home and I had one missed call and a new voicemail. I listened to the voicemail, and it was like stay away from them. You're making a mistake, blah, blah, blah. But it ended with if you tell them about this, you're going regret it 'cause a new video of them will go out. And I definitely did not want that to happen, so I just told myself to forget about it. And then, when I was in your house this morning, I got a text. It was like, don't think we can't see you. And was like, get out of there, it's getting to late, it was signed like Jay Three Zee. So that's why I fainted, cause it just came at me so fast I didn't know what to do. And in the car today, that text I claimed was from my mom, was from them too. They were saying I was so close to you and I can't ruin their little secret, 'cause if I did, they would release more things. But since you read that text, they leaked something to the radio station, and well, it was probably something about the location. I'm so sorry, Joe. I'm so sorry,"

I wiped the tears away from eyes and looked up at him. I was expecting a what the heck, Brooke, you should have told us, but instead he kissed me on the cheek.

Wait a second.

He just kissed me on the cheek. Holy buckets.

"I'm so sorry, Brooke. I had no idea how in the world these people brought you into this, I'm so sorry. I feel so guilty," He frowned and just looked at me. "Thank you so much for trying to protect us. It means a lot, I mean it," I nodded and could feel myself blushing.

Please recover from that kiss, Brooke, before you embarrass yourself.

"Thank you for understanding, I was worried," I said softly, gazing into his eyes. He nodded and mouthed, "No problem."

We rowed silently for a couple minutes, until Joe all of a sudden jumped up.

"Okay, wait a second. How do they know who you are? And get your number? And know when you're in our house/next to me at all times?" He looked around, as if he was looking for something, but then looked back at me. "You don't think we're being watched, do you?"

"I guess it's the most logical answer," I said honestly. "I wouldn't be surprised if there is a couple of hidden cameras in your house,"

"Shoot, I should have known. This was a trap. Whoever told Jen about this place, most likely is in on this whole thing," he said. "We've gotta warn Nick and Kevin. I don't have my phone though, and you just tossed yours in the lake. What the heck are we going to do? There is like no where we can go that's safe. And we can't go back to the house, if they see us telling them we know about the so called cameras, they'll be out to get us in seconds,"

"Here, let's just go back, and pretend like nothing happened today. Besides the whole cop thing, but then tomorrow, we can 'go for a walk' and then warn them about the cameras? I don't know, we just don't want those J3Z people to get suspicious,"

"Okay, good idea. Now, let's hurry up on this rowing. I'm getting anxious," Joe said and we started rowing back to their house as fast as possible. Soon enough I saw their house in a distance.

"We're reaching the camera zone. Act as normal as possible," I said quietly, and he nodded. Operation Fool His Brothers And The Creeps is a go.

Chapter Eleven:

Brooke's POV

"We're almost there," I said. All of a sudden our boat stopped, hitting the sand. "It's too shallow to paddle anymore, let's just carry it shore," Joe rolled up the bottom of his pants and hopped out of the boat.

"Here, I got it," he said and pulled the boat to shore while I was still sitting in it. I was hoping he was going to do that, not gonna lie. This lake can be gross sometimes, I've gotten a leech or two before. It's nasty. So props to the Jonas boy for being a gentlemen!

"Thanks," I mumbled and got out of the boat once we hit the sand. "We should probably hide this incase someone gets suspicious by it," I pointed to the paddle boat. He nodded and picked up the boat and started walking to the woods a couple feet away from his house.

"I'll meet you inside, this might take awhile," he said, walking away with the boat.

"Alright, thanks. Sounds good," I started walking towards the house, scanning the surroundings at the same. I've got to find these video cameras. I reached the door, did a quick check of a hidden camera, but then knocked and waited for someone to answer.

"Brooke!" Kevin exclaimed as he opened the door. "Where's Joe?"

"He's coming. Just had to go hide something," I walked inside and Kevin gave me a look.

"What do you mean, hide something?"

"It's a long story, Joe can explain when he comes back..." But before I could finish, he propped in front of the doorstep.

"Hey guys! Did I miss anything?" He walked in and shut the door behind him. "But dude, sickest thing happened today,"

"Oh yeah? Do you consider ditching a cop 'sick'? That is actually against the law," Nick said, coming into our conversation. Leave it to the youngest one to be the toughest on each other.

"It was Brooke's idea!" Joe said, pointing at me laughing. Wow, way to rat me out, Joe. I thought we had something...I can't believe you're turning your back on me. 

"Thaaaaanks," I said, rolling my eyes. "But look at it this way Nick- would you rather have your brother in jail right now or have your brother here right now?"

"Jail," Nick said with a chuckle. "Nah, I'm kidding bro. Of course here. But we've gotta talk about this," He started walking to the living room and motioned us to fall. "We don't have all day..."

We all merged to the living room and Nick gave Joe a look. "Uh, why are you wet?"

"It's a long story...let's just say Brooke ditched her car, causing us to take a boat back to the house," he replied. "But that reminds me..I don't have the food anymore..." He looked at his brothers, scared to see their reaction. If he blames this one on me again I'm gonna...uh, do something.

"Seriously? So basically that last trip was worthless, and gave away where we are?" Kevin asked, a little pissed off.

"Not my fault- they knew we were here before that," Joe said in defense. I looked over at him and slapped him. He better not give away the camera thing. Not now. Follow the plan, Joe. Follow the plan. After I slapped him he looked at me for a second, but then muttered, "Oh yeah."

"Is there something you're not telling us?" Nick asked, confused at what Joe was talking about.

"No. We just heard there was lead on where we were on the radio," Joe replied. Good job. Technically he still told the truth, just not all of it.

"Well, what are we gonna do about food?" Kevin asked. "It's not like we can not eat anything for a few days, we'll starve,"

"I've got some extra stuff, I'm sure. I can get some, if you want," I offered. Their faces lit up and vigorously nodded.

"If you did that, you'd be my hero," Nick said with a laugh. "It's 3:00 in the afternoon and I still haven't eaten a meal,"

"Yeah, no problem. I'll be right back," I left the three brothers and started out the door. When I took my first step outside the cabin, I looked towards the right where my cabin was. I could see my dad talking to someone on the front steps, but I couldn't tell who. I squinted my eyes a little to try to see who, 'cause it's not like we have neighbors. I have no idea who he could possibly be talking to. And then, it hit me.

Oh my god. My dad is talking to the police officer.

I booked it back inside, and found the boys where I left them.

"Where's the food?" Kevin asked, but at the looks of my alarmed face, he quickly added, "What's wrong Brooke?"

"Police officer. Outside. My house. My dad." I said taking a deep breaths between every word. I can't take this anymore. This was the worst decision of my life. J3Z was right, I should have gotten out of this while I could have.

"Wait what?! Speak slower and in full sentences," Joe ran up next to me. "The police officer from before?" I nodded but my body couldn't take it any longer. I lost balance and started to fall, but Joe caught me in time.

I don't think I've mentioned this before- I have a tendency to fall in horrific situations. But you've probably noticed by now.

"Woah Brooke," Joe said and laid me down on the couch. "Open a window," he said, looking at Nick. The flower vase was still a couple feet away from me, where Joe had used it earlier today. I guess he's getting smarter about this. I'm training him well. Nick ran to a window and opened it while Kevin went to get me a glass of water. I drank down the water in a couple of seconds and than sat up.

"Okay. Sorry, I think I just had a panic attack," You have no idea how embarrassing this is. At least they were worried about me, otherwise I would have died. "But anyways. The police officer, from earlier. He's outside my house talking to my dad. They probably tracked my name from the license of my car," I managed to get full sentences out of my mouth this time. Booya!

"Are you sure it's him?" Joe asked.

"Yes, positive. I don't know what to do, I can't go back to my house now and soon enough they're gonna connect my house to this house," Poor dad. He probably has no idea what the heck that police officer is saying to him. I wish I could have warned him. "I hope my dad says this house is abandoned, though, 'cause it has been for a couple years now. At least until you moved in,"

They all nodded and Nick went around shutting all the curtains. "We don't want them to be able to see us," Good point, Nicholas. He's always thinkin'.

"You should probably get some sleep, though, Brooke," Kevin said. "You look sick beyond belief,"

"No I'm fine trust me," But of course, they didn't listen to my argument. Joe picked me off the couch and walked me into a bedroom.

"Here, you can sleep on my bed," He gently sent me down on his unmade bed and gave me a light kiss on the forehead. "Thank you so much for everything today," I nodded and rolled over to my side. He pulled the covers over me and then quietly shut the door as I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Twelve:

No Ones POV

"Yeah, that definitely is the cop from earlier," Joe said as he walked over to his brothers. He was just looking outside doing a double take on the cop around 30 minutes after he sent Brooke to bed, and unfortunately, she was right.

"Shoot," Nick said. "What are we going to do? Just wait here like sitting ducks?"

"I guess so, there isn't much else we can do," Kevin said. "We have to at least be here until Brooke wakes up, we can't just leave her,"

"Well, I'm sure the cop will leave soon. He's probably just going to search the house for a second, not find Brooke, and then be on his way. I doubt he'd come over here," Joe said, trying to reassure his brothers, but also himself.

"Let's hope. How about one of us takes the job as watch dog? We can alternate like every five minutes. They could just like chill by the window that faces the cop," Nick suggested. "I call not being first,"

"I'll do it," Kevin offered and got up. "I wanna see what this dude looks like,"

Joe went over and sat down next to Nick, peering at the still frames Nick was studying. "You really are into those, Nick,"

"Yeah, I know. I'm convinced there is a hint in here. I mean, someone can't just create a whole fraud video without leaving at least one trace of evidence," Nick picked up a couple stacks of the paper and just shook his head. "There has to be something in here,"

Before Joe could respond, Kevin yelled out, "Cop is leaving! He just got back into his car. He's driving away,"

"Are you serious?" Joe asked and ran up next to him.

"Aw man, I kinda wanted to see the dude who almost arrested my brother," Nick said laughing. "But I guess that's a relief," Once the cop was completely out of sight and on the road again, the boys went back to sit down at the couches.

"So, what now? 'Cause I'm still hungry," Kevin said with a laugh so his brothers wouldn't think he was being serious, but in all honesty, he was being so serious.

"We all are. But we can't wake Brooke up. She's taking a much needed nap," Nick responded. "But I'm sure she'll wake up soon, it's almost been 40 minutes. Naps don't last that long,"

"Gossiping about me?" Brooke said with a smile as she entered the room. "Hey, thanks for letting me get some rest. I needed that,"

"No problem, but good news...the cop left," Kevin said, giving her the good news.

"Seriously? Should I still go home? I mean, like my dad is going to ask a lot of questions.." she said hesitating.

"Just tell him to trust you," Nick suggested. "He's your dad. He's going to believe you above everyone else." Brooke nodded and looked around at the hungry boys.

"Okay, I'll go get you food. Wish me luck," she smiled and did one last check out the window to make sure the guys were right, and then walked out the door towards her house.

* The rest of the chapter takes place in Brooke's POV *

These boys better be worth this trip to my house to get them food. If my dad sees me, there's a small chance he'll let me out of the house again. I walked up the steps of our porch and opened the door a crack, just to make sure the cop wasn't there. It was all clear so I quietly tip toed to the kitchen. I grabbed a grocery bag and stuffed as many food as possible that wouldn't make it seem we're missing any. I grabbed a couple of waters and started making my way to the door again. God, I'm so sneaky. Didn't even get-

"Brooke Danielle Logan. Where do you think you're going?" Shoot, it's the parental unit. I raised my head and looked up at my dad. I gave a fake smile and shrugged.

"I don't know, probably another walk. It's so nice out! Perfect day for a picnic," That was probably the worst lie I could have ever said. But hey, when you're on the spot like this, you say the first thing that comes to mind.

"Yeah, I don't think so. A police officer came to our house today. He says your linked to these Jonas scandals? What the heck is that supposed to mean? And where's your car?" Crap, what did Nick say I should tell him again? Uh...something about trust. Oh yeah. My dad is going to have to trust me.

"Dad, just trust me. Have I ever gotten in serious trouble before?" I asked, trying him.

"No, nothing like this. But you're the police is looking for you! You got pulled over by a cop and drove off, and then abandoned your car? And within this all, Joe Jonas was in the car with you? Brooke, this is so hard to believe. I don't understand, at all,"

"Where's my car now?"

"It's in the garage, he was very nice had someone bring it back. But keys? They're with me. No way am I giving you those for awhile," he patted his pocket and I heard the jingle of my beloved car keys. "But answer my previous questions- what is this guy talking about? How in the world do you know Joe Jonas?"

"Dad, I really can't tell you. You're going to have to trust me. If I didn't think I was ditching my car was a good idea, I wouldn't have done it. You're my dad. I'm supposed to be the one you believe in the end," He sighed and just shook his head.

"I have no idea what the heck you've gotten yourself into, but if you say it's for a good cause, I guess I'll believe you. But if in the end, you're being locked away and there is hardcore evidence of you doing foolish things like those boys, I'll never be able to get out of that one. Right now is your last chance to turn your innocence in," Part of me just wanted to nod and bolt of the kitchen as fast as possible. But the other part wanted me to drop the grocery bag, run up to my dad, cry my eyes out, and say I want to go home. I went with an option c- give my dad a long look, mouth "I love you" to him, and then quickly dash out. I ran over to the Jonas cabin and was welcomed by gleaming faces.

Them Jonas boys are finally getting their food.

"Brooke, you're a life saver!" Joe exclaimed as he dug through the food. The next 5 minutes were silent, all you could hear were the boys eating their food. But soon enough, one by one they plopped on the couches and let out a big breath.

"So, what'd your dad say?" Nick asked, once the food was settled in his stomach. I have no idea how that boy is so dang skinny, he eats so freakin' much.

"A lot of things. But you were right, in the end he did trust me," I looked over at Joe, who was the last one eating. What a pig.

"Well, that's good," Kevin said. "So the cop is for sure gone?"

"Yeah, he's for sure gone. But I feel really bad about my dad. I kind of left without saying anything, so I'm going to back and talk to him. Enjoy your food, though, I'll call you in the morning?" I looked over at Joe, and he winked at me. So he got my subtle reminder of our walk in the morning to talk about the cameras, perfect.

"Yeah, for sure," Nick said, walking me to the door. "Have a good night Brooke, and good luck." He shut the door and I started walking back to my house.

Little did I know at the time, but that was going to be the last I was going to be seeing Nick Jonas.

Chapter Thirteen:

11:05 pm, Nick's room.

Nick sat up in his bed, studying those pictures for the last time of the day. "There's gotta be something in here," he said to himself, convinced of there being evidence. He looked through the drawer next to his bed and searched for something that resembled a magnifying glass, and sure enough, for some reason there was one at the bottom of the drawer. "Whoever lived here before us is one strange guy," he laughed to himself wondering why someone would have a magnifying glass in their bedside table. But then again, Nick was the one who was looking for one, so he really is in no position to talk.

He picked up one the photos, and brought the magnifying glass up to it. He scanned the photo, but nothing. He did it to four more pictures, still nothing, until he came across one picture that stuck out to him. It was a picture of "Kevin", who was giving a pack of marijuana to an unknown person, but in the background there was a picture in a glass frame.

"What the..." Nick said to himself, looking at the picture closer. There was someone's reflection in the picture, someone holding a camera. But he couldn't tell who. He brought the magnifying glass closer, and dropped it at disbelief at what he saw.

That person was Jen. 

Also known as the Jonas Brothers part-time manager along with Mr. Jonas.

"Oh my god..." Nick said, barely able to speak. "That can not be Jen," He continuously shook his head trying to knock out the truth inside him. "She's been with us all along, why would she do this..." He picked up the magnifying glass again to see if maybe what he saw wasn't true. But sure enough, if was indeed Jen.

Interrupting Nick's thoughts, he heard the front door open. He jumped up, unsure who was entering their cabin. " that you?" He called out, but there was no response. He quietly rolled out of bed, went out of his bedroom and crept around, but saw nothing. "That's weird," He started to walk back to his room, but before he made it, someone wrapped duct tape around his mouth and whispered, "You're coming with me," Nick recognized the familiar voice of Jen McKinley and tried to call out to his brothers.

But no one heard him, and before he knew it, he was out of the house and tied up in the trunk of a big van.

20 Minutes Later

(The rest of the chapter is in Nick's POV)

I really wanted to scream out "What the heck!" to whoever was in close enough quarters to hear, but no one would listen to me, so why waste the energy. Besides, I've got this duct tape all around my mouth. I'm dreading when the time comes for Jen rip off the tape, there goes my chances of a mustache. Speaking of Jen, what  a prick. We've only done good to her the past four years, and how does she repay us? By kidnapping me.

Hmmppphhhff! (That's supposed to be the car slamming on the brakes, fyi.)

Moments later the dark truck I was shoved in became light, and I was greeted by Jen's face.

"Hey Nicky, how are you doing?" she asked with a smile. Oh, she better meant that sarcastically. I just stared up at her, unable to talk because of the tape around my mouth. "Oh yes, the duct tape! How could I have forgotten," She then ran her fingers down my face to my mouth and quickly ripped it off. "See, just like a band aid! It probably didn't even hurt," Uh, heck yeah it did. I put my fingers on my lips, touching the pain. She flicked the duct tape to the ground of what looks like a garage and preceded to untie the ropes around my hands. "I'm really sorry we had to get this far. You're just too intelligent for us, Nicholas," If she's trying to give me a compliment, she's approaching it in the complete wrong direction.

"What the heck are you talking about Jen? And why the heck are you doing this to us?" I jumped out of the trunk and looked around, searching for an exit. But there wasn't one, I was trapped.

"You would never understand, Nick," she snapped her fingers and out came a big man. "Please, take him inside. We need to talk in a professional setting,"

"Nothing about this is professional, Jen," I muttered. She rolled her eyes and the big guy grabbed my arms and brought me inside a house which had a few other people in it. Jen followed us in and shut the door.

"How long are you going to keep me here?" I asked, paranoid.

"As long as it takes to shut your brothers up. They're going to have to decide what's more important, having their careers back or their little brother," she smirked and went to sit down at a table. No. No. She can’t do this to them. 

"They won't go along with anything you say," I argued while being forced into a chair.

"They will when they realize you have no insulin,.”

My stomach dropped at the sound of that word. Her eyes glittered with hatred and she did a slight wink. I have diabetes. And without insulin, my life is seriously at risk.

Chapter Fourteen:

Brooke's POV

It's only the third day of summer, but I've already had enough excitement to last me three summers. Good or bad thing? I can't decide.

I wandered over to the Jonas cabin, ready to spill the beans about the cameras to Kevin and Nick. It's about 7:00 in the morning, and them Jonas boys are ready for another early mornin'. Kevin texted me last night to tell me to come over at this time.

As I approached the cabin, I heard some yelling. Shoot, they're fighting. They've been pretty good these past two days, I was surprised at the lack of fighting they did. Most brothers I know fight a whole heck of a lot. Without even knocking, I let myself in and was approached by two brothers yelling at each other.

"Uh, something wrong, boys?" I asked, looking over at Kevin and Joe. They both looked exhausted and had the worst expressions on their faces. Okay maybe they weren't fighting...they looked more scared than mad.

"Nicks gone," Kevin said and quickly whipped the door shut behind me. "When we woke up this morning, he was gone. There is no trace of him left. His bed doesn't even look like he slept into it," My eyes bulged out and looked around. What the heck are they talking about? Where in the world would Nick have gone?

"And when we woke up this morning, the door was cracked open, and on the ground was this," Joe said, and scooped up a bunch of tiny pieces of paper. They were probably about as small as 1mm long and wide. "We think it's one of the still frames from before. But the pieces are too small that'd it be practically impossible to put back together,"

"There was also this note left," Kevin said and dug out a crumpled sheet of paper from his pocket. "It says, 'Want the bro back? Stop playing the game and give up. xoxo, J3Z,' We have no idea what it's supposed to mean," I looked over at Joe, giving him a mental high five about not ruining our little secret.

"Wow, that's insane," I managed to say. I was at lost for words. Nick was living up to the newspaper headings- now he was literally missing. "What should we do?"

"Let's just go for a walk. I think more clearly when I'm outdoors," Joe suggested, and we all nodded and followed him outside. It was silent for a couple minutes, but once we reached far out of the camera zone, Joe muttered into Kevin's ear, "There's something we have to tell you,"

"We? As in you in Brooke?" Kevin asked, looking at us both. "Let me guess, you two are an item now," Joe laughed and shook is head, while my face just reddened. Ugh, I wish I had something clever to say back to to clear my name in liking Joe.

"Nah, man, it's something more serious," Joe said and looked around quickly. "There are hidden cameras in the house,"

"What? How in the heck did you find that one out? And why didn't you tell us?" Kevin exclaimed and looked as us again.

"Well, it's a long story," I said, butting into the conversation. "But it's not like we could tell you in the house, 'cause then the people watching the cameras would have heard us," Joe nodded, agreeing with me.

"Yeah I guess so," Kevin said. "So you guys aren't an item?"

"No!" Joe and I both said at the same time, defending ourselves. Kevin shook his head and snickered a little.

"Okay, but anyways. Back to what's important. Your brother is missing," I said, reminding them about Nick. "Before you know it, he's gonna be on the back of a milk carton,"

"Doubt it," Joe said. "Right now he's wanted by the police, so he's probably on a sign that says: 'Wanted: Nick Jonas, dead or alive-$1000.'"

"And that makes you feel better?" I asked him. He shook his head and kept walking. "What I'm guessing that happened, is Nick found out something big in that picture, the one that's all chopped up, and the people watching the cameras found out so they went and hunted down Nick. So by the looks of it, your house isn't safe,"

"No where is safe," Kevin quietly added. "We can't win anymore. They've got Nick and they're using him as blackmail against us,"

"Not necessarily, if we find him soon than what harm can they do to him? I mean I doubt they'll hurt them," I said, trying to give them hope. Nobody would torture a rock star, right?

"But if it's worse than you think, Brooke," Joe said with fear in his voice. Crap, there is more to this that they haven't told me. "He doesn't have his insulin. Nick has diabetes, I don't know if you know that," I bit my lip, feeling uncomfortable thinking about that. Now, I don't know much about diabetes, I know no one, well except Nick, who has the disease but by the looks of their faces, he needs it more than anything.

"This is all my fault," I whispered to myself, hoping the boys wouldn't hear it. 

"Uh, what do you mean? This has nothing to do with you. We didn't even know you when this scandal first started," Joe said.

"Well, if I would have told him about the cameras last night, nothing would have happened," I said and stopped walking and sat down on a nearby rock.

"That's not true and you know it," Kevin said. "Don't ever say that again. It's nobody's fault. It's whoever had the sick idea to play this trick on us," I just nodded, not feeling convinced. The guilt was starting to eat me up inside. If something happened to Nick, I would never be able to forgive myself.

The rest of this chapter is in Nick's POV.

9:00 am, Warehouse Kirk. (the place Nick is held hostage)

I was not able to sleep a wink last night. Jen forced me into some room with only one window and not even a bed. It was basically a jail cell made out of wood. I was lying on the ground though, staring up at the ceiling. Every couple minutes I'd change positions because I was so uncomfortable. I also sang a song every once in awhile. I even did a few push ups. 378, to be exact. If I ever get out of this, the girls are going to impressed with my new guns.

"Do you think he's awake yet?" I heard someone mumble from behind the door. I shut my eyes, pretending to be asleep.

"I don't know or care, just get your butt in there," I heard Jen say back. The door opened and I heard a couple footsteps enter. The door slammed shut, and then I felt someone kick me.

"Uh, hey, I'm up," I said raising my arms. I backed up and leaned against the wall. I looked up at who kicked me and was now joining the room. I did about seven double takes, shocked at what I was seeing.

It was the spitting image of me.

Like, an identical clone. Even wearing an outfit I owned.

"Who the heck are you?" I asked, my voice quivering. He, or me, just stood there staring at me, but eventually spoke.

"Your worst nightmare."

Chapter Fifteen:

This chapter takes place in Brook's POV again, but then switches to Nick.

6 days ago Nick Jonas was kidnapped. And today, Joe Jonas was.

Nah, I'm just kidding, but wouldn't that add a lot of drama and an unexpecting twist to this story? But no, Joe has basically nothing to hide. I'm sure these J3Z people think he's too idiotic to even add one plus one. 

"What do you think J3Z means?" Kevin asked. We were all sitting around an old lunch table a couple minutes away from their house, trying to figure out more in this weird mystery. We have failed these past few days in trying to figure anything out.

"I dunno," Joe said as he unwrapped a banana I stole for him from my house. "Hmm, maybe J stands for Jonas?"

"And three stands for three brothers?" I added in.

"Z can mean zap. As in like destroy being the definition," Kevin laughed as he said. "I don't think any of us are right, though,"

"Yeah, probs not. It's most likely some secret code," Joe agreed and bit into his banana. "Have you ever noticed how plain a banana looks? It's so boring. I wish we ate more exotic food in the US," Moments like these I wish I was born with talent of raising one eyebrow. But unfortunately, two eyebrows are going to have to do. 

"Oh yeah, all the time. Like when I'm lying in bed before I go to sleep, I think about bananas instead of my missing brother," Kevin said sarcastically. 

"Shut up," Joe said smiling. He finished eating his banana and tossed it into the bushes behind him. "An animal will eat that, right?"

"Well, something will," I said and shrugged. "Kevin, how's the taping the missing pieces together going?" I looked over at the pile of shredded pieces of paper on the table. He was attempting to make them into a whole.

"Not so hot, Brooke," he said and scratched his head. "It's like I'm doing a puzzle, and then all of a sudden I'm missing a piece," I nodded and checked out how far he was. Hmm, like a puzzle. Missing a piece..wait a second.

"Guys! I've got it!" I said, jumping up with excitement. Joe and Kevin both stopped what they were doing and looked over at me. "We are wasting way too much time trying to put that back together, when all we have to do is watch the video again and figure out what frames we're missing,"

"You're a genius, Brooke!" Kevin exclaimed, stashing the sheets of paper into his pocket. "How did we miss that before?"

"I have no idea," I shook my head at our stupidity.

"You have internet, right?" Joe asked. I nodded my head and picked up the mess I made on the table. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go run back!" Feeling like I was on cloud nine we started racing back to the house. Yes, I'm finally going to make up to Nick for practically getting him kidnapped.

But there is something I wish I knew, looking back at this day.

The camera zone went a little further than I thought. Aka, there was totally a video camera filming us at the lunch table.

The rest is in Nick's POV.

"Hey Nick, Jen wants you," the other me said, tapping on my door. I got up from my spot on the ground in my room and waited for him to open it. Soon enough he did, smacking me in the face. "Dude! Sorry, I didn't mean to do that,"

"Sure you didn't," I muttered and rubbed my nose.

"No seriously, I didn't," he said and softly shut the door. "I know you're pissed off at me, I get it. But you know I'm really not the one to blame," I sighed and looked over at my almost exact replica. It's true, though. He really didn't have a choice in this whole thing. You see, Jen has this super smart, major creepy, younger brother who eat, sleeps, and lives in a science lab. And apparently, it's possible to clone humans...? (I guess Joe was right after all.) Well, if you have the right stuff, I guess.

And you see, with Jen being our manager and everything, she basically has complete access to everything of ours. Like you name it, and she can get it. And I guess with the right formula (I don't know what the formula is, but I'm guessing it'd be something like a drop of my hair mixed with a slide of saliva, basically anything like that, gross..I know) and then you can create an almost exact human replica.

But, there are defects.

Like Joe's- he has no left ear. Which makes sense why you never see his left side in the films. And mine, well he can't play an instrument or sing a note for his life. And Kevin's has his crazy old sideburns, so they have to shave them everyday since they grow back so quick. Their life spans are really short though. Like the other me, Nick, is gonna be in a casket by the end June. Not exactly what I'd call a perfect life. They have no souls, no personality. Their childhood was spent in a petri dish, and their preteen ages lasted a day. So I guess death doesn't mean a lot to them.

"Yeah, whatever. You're still sticking by their sides now," he didn't say anything back, but instead clutched his grip on my arm harder. Note to self- next time when you're alone with Jerry (that's what I call him) ask him to help you. And if he disagrees, flex your muscles. You've got 378 more pushups on him. It'd be very possible to take him down. But that'd be weird...beating yourself up?

"Hello? Nick?" Jen said, waving her hand in front of my face. Oh, oops. I guess I got distracted with my train of thoughts. "Next time I ask you a question, I'd like you to answer it,"

"Oh, sorry. What was your question?" I said with no emotion. I'm trying this whole, speak in a monotone/robot voice on them. I've gotta have fun while I'm here, 'cause believe's really boring.

"It's not a question anymore. It's no longer an option for you. We're going to spy on your brothers and that one chick together," she smiled and brought me into a room with a bunch of TV's. "Nick you can leave now," I almost got up, thinking she was talking about me, but then I realized I have a clone. God, that's weird to say.

"What do you mean...spy?" I asked with curiosity, but still stickin' with the monotone voice.

"How did you think we knew you figured out it was me?" she asked, looking at me. True, I guess I never thought of that. "I had hidden cameras all over the place in your cabin, Nick. It's completely bugged,"

"That has to be the creepiest thing I've ever heard," I said, shocked to hear I've been spied on the first few days I was there.

"Popcorn?" she asked, snickering. I gave her a look and she rolled her eyes. "Aw, look here. They're having a picnic," she said and pointed to a TV on the way right of the line of televisions. She turned the volume up and started to listen to the conversation Brooke and my brothers were having. 

"Kevin, how's the taping the missing pieces together going?" Brooke said over to Kevin. "Not so hot, Brooke. It's like I'm doing a puzzle, and then all of a sudden I'm missing a piece," Brooke nodded and sat there for a second before yelling out, "Guys! I've got it! We are wasting way too much time trying to put that back together, when all we have to do is watch the video again and figure out what frames we're missing,"

"Shoot!" Jen yelled. "I knew leaving that there was a bad idea," Score for Brooke! Perhaps I have a chance of getting out of here now. 

I started smiling and watched the three start running towards Brooke's house.

"So they're going to re-watch the video on Brooke's computer, huh," Jen said to herself. "I guess it's time to hack into her internet and shut that baby down,"

Oh, god no. I really wanted to go up and strangle Jen, but I knew that would do nothing. Jen dialed up someone's number telling them about what happened and hung up smiling. I guess all my chances of escaping anytime soon just flew out the window.

Chapter Sixteen:

Joe's POV.

"Not even one poster?" I asked, looking around Brooke's room. She had no posters of us plastered on her walls. I was hoping for, like, a Joe one on the ceiling on top of her bed. But there wasn't even one on the walls.

"Huh?" she looked over at me, scoping out her room. "Oh I get it. Yeah, no posters. I wasn't exactly a fan of you guys before," Oh yeah, of course. She was one of those girls too cool to like us. A lot of people don't give us a chance 'cause we're just another one of them Disney cookie cutter bands. But as she's noticed in these past couple of days, we're not as innocent as we put off. Okay, maybe we are and there are just some psychos out to get us.

Brooke sat down at her desk and turned on her computer. "I really hope we're on the right track,"

"Me too. This is a huge break," Kevin said and plopped down on a chair next to her. There was no where else to sit so I stood above Brooke and leaned on the desk. The computer got to the login screen and Brooke quickly typed out her password. I watched, trying to hack the code. It looked like 'jumpingsquirriel' or something. I hope I deciphered that wrong.

"No!" she muttered when she saw her welcome screen. "The internet is down,"

"What do you mean?" I asked. She moved the mouse towards the wifi founder and their wifi, 'MichBro' had zero bars. "There is not a cloud in the sky, what could be messing with the wifi?"

"J3Z," I heard Kevin say. Brooke tilted her head back and sighed. "It's like they're always watching,"

"Do you think they are...right now?" I whispered and scanned her room again. There was nothing that looked out of the ordinary or resembled a camera. But hey, if she had those Jonas posters up, that'd be a nice place to hide them. Like in our pupils or something.

"I doubt it," Brooke said and got up from her desk. "I don't think J3Z or whoever thought I'd befriend you guys. I'm sure they just bugged all the areas they thought you'd be,"

"Yeah, I hope so. 'Cause if they're watching now, we're screwed," I added and went over to her window to look outside. You could perfectly see our house a couple yards away and if you look closer you could see into the forest where I stashed the paddle boat.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeep! We all spun our heads over at Brooke's laptop where a box had popped up.

"What the heck is this?" she asked and went back over to her computer. "Oh, god." I hurried back to her desk and looked at what just popped up.

"Sorry about taking down your internet, but I think we both agree you'd rather have your baby brother back than be able to surf the net. Didn't we tell you to stop trying to play the game? You'll never win. We've already won. If want Nicholas back, I ask you one thing. Make an announcement later today apologizing for your immature behavior and turn yourselves into the local police. If you make that announcement, Nick will be waiting for you at the Alexandria Police department. Oh, and bring the chick with. We need to talk to her. xoxo J3Z"

"Turning ourselves in would ruin our lives forever. Not only could we never make music again, we'll also never be able to step foot in the public eye again," Kevin complained. "But it's not like we could ever pick our lives over Nick's. Who knows what they'd do to him if we didn't go along with this deal,"

"Maybe it's worth the chance?" Brooke said, biting her lip. What the heck does she mean? They could kill Nick if we didn't get him. "I mean, of course we need to get Nick. That's what we have to focus on. Saving him. If we don't play along they won't just like kill him, they wouldn't be able to get away with it. They're just trying to pull our strings by threatening us. They know you'd never take the chance, so they put you in the most impossible position,"

"I don't know, Brooke. It just seems so risky. His life is at stake here. If something happened, I don't think I could ever live with myself," I said, looking straight into her eyes. Everyday the fear in her eyes showed more and more fear. Her hair was now in a tangled mess and she had bags under eyes. But even with her distressed look, she still looked beautiful. So much of me just wanted to pull her up and just hug her. And the other part of me wanted to hunt down this J3Z person and yell at them for kidnapping the boy that held us together. And yell at them trying to ruin our lives. But the only thing I could do was just give into their threats and do what they wanted. I'd give up my life in a second for Nick's. 

Brooke nodded at me, as if she just read my mind. It remained silent for awhile and we all just thought to ourselves. I decided to speak up and give a pep talk for Brooke and Kevin. They looked depressed and hopeless. It's about time (no pun intended) for someone revive the sprits we once had.

"They can try to break us and make us fall apart. But the fire's in our hearts," I started singing, looking at Kevin. 

"Reminisce on memories 'cause we're gone," he finished, singing with perfect tone.

"We have to live by our own lyrics, Kev. They may succeed in bringing down the Jonas Brothers, but they'll never tear apart the true Jonas brothers. 'Cause in the end, we're just a family living the dream. But when the dream is crushed, we pick family above all." I said, pulling them in in. "Have faith, restart."

"You're right. We have to do what's right. Who cares if they win? We will still have each other," Kevin agreed.

"But they said to bring 'the chick' to the police office. They're most likely going to kidnap me, and who knows what the heck they'll do to me then," Brooke said nervously. She was still biting her lip and swaying from one foot to another.

"And you honestly think we'd bring you with there?" I asked her. "I'm not that stupid. I'll call my parents and they can arrange a safe house somewhere for you. Don't worry, it'll be fine,"

She didn't look convinced but nodded.

"It's time to show J3Z what the Jonas family is made off!" I said, trying to pump them up more. It's hard though, trying to pump people up who are hours away from sitting in a jail cell. "Let's do it for Nick. A little bit longer, and we'll all be fine," Kevin smiled, and nodded.

"Nick already has had his fair share of problems in his life, we can't add more into it. At least, if we do we can be together," he said. Brooke faked a smile and nodded, but I could tell she didn't think this was the most logical idea.

The rest is Nick's POV.

"What was that pop up you just sent them?" I asked, concerned. Not only did she just shut down their internet, putting a huge dent in finding me, she also sent them a message, probably threatening them to shut up.

"Oh nothing. Just a little reminder that your life is at risk if they choose to continue to look for you," she smiled at me, the same smile she's used the past four years. But now, it just seems creepy. I'll never be able to look at her the same again.

"That actually makes no sense at all," I argued, confused at what she was getting at.

"Oh trust me, honey, it does. Let's just say your brothers will be announcing something a little later," she spun her chair around and went back to looking at the TVs. Before I could respond, Jerry ripped me out of my chair and dragged me back to my room.

"Let go of me, freak," I said shaking his grab off.

"Ha, by calling me a freak, you're just calling yourself one. Have you realized we're exactly the same?" he responded, rolling his eyes.

"We're nothing alike," I said sternly.

"Oh yeah? Just 'cause I can't sing doesn't mean we don't have the same soul," he laughed.

"You don't have a soul!" I yelled and he threw me into my room. He slammed the door and stood in front of me.

"What was that?" he asked and cracked his knuckles.

Oh god. I'm about to have a punch out against myself.

Chapter Seventeen:

This whole chapter takes place in Nick's POV.

378 pushups, I reminded myself. You can take him. Simple.

"What I said, is you don't have a soul," I managed to say, reassuring myself I could pin the guy to the ground if I had to.

"We have the same soul," Jerry said and started circling me. "We have the exact same DNA,"

"A soul isn't something incorporated into DNA," I rolled my eyes at his naiveness. "A soul is something you find. You aren't born with the one you necessarily keep over the years. My soul is complete with my morals, heart, and beliefs. It's interchangeable. I created it myself,"

"Well, maybe we don't have the same soul..but I do have one," he complained.

"Do you, do you really?" I asked looking at him, starting to back up onto him. "So tell me. What is your soul saying? Is it saying it's okay to torture the boy who brought you to life?"

"Jen's brother brought me to life, actually," he said, correcting me.

"Same difference. Without me there would be no you and you know it," I replied. He shrugged and starting backing up into the corner of the room. "When I write my songs, I dig my inspiration out of my soul. My soul is the reason I'm still here, alive in this room. It gives me hope for another day. Hope that I'll be able to survive this one without my insulin, even though everyday my chances are getting slimmer. Hope my brothers and I will once again be able to perform in front of our fans. When I go to bed, I never know if I'll wake up again. But I know, in my heart and soul, that if I don't it will be okay. Because I believe in myself above everything else. My soul gives me that ability. I do what I want, and I don't let others try to convince me otherwise,"

Jerry started to open his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Aha! I totally just outtalked the little dimwit. I didn't even need my 378 push ups.

"You can have a soul, too. If you dig far enough. But by just obeying every little thing Jen says to you, you're losing the hope of ever finding it. The possibility of finding it just keeps getting smaller and smaller. Don't you want to find it? Especially before it's too late?" I said, trying to avoid saying his death was in a couple weeks. "I can help you find it, if you let me,"

"Well what's good in it for you?" he asked, looking up at me.

"You'll help me get out of this dump," I said and walked closer to each other. "We can help each other. You can help me go out and continue living my dreams. I can help you start finding yours. Just because we look alike doesn't mean we're the same person. It just means you have the same wicked hair as mine," I winked and put my arm around the guy. "So, are you in?"

"Yeah, I'm in," he answered. He put his back against the wall and started to slide down. "But you have to promise me one thing,"

"Yeah? What's that?"

"When you get back, and you're famous again, you have to make it known I'm not a bad person. Just someone who got tangled in the wrong mess and was born into a life of hell," Jerry whispered. "I didn't ask for this life, and it's the only one I'm getting.  When I pretended to be you in those videos, I didn't know what was going on. I did it because I thought that was what was normal. I was living by a script. The only time I've ever gone off script is right here, right now,"

"Don't worry, bud. Everyone will know that. The only one who is going down is Jen. And if you help me get out of here, you're going to be loved by millions of teenage girls, Jerry," I answered, laughing.

His face lit up with excitement, but quickly changed to a confused look. "Wait. I thought our name was Nick?" he asked.

"Oh. Yeah it is. I just call you Jerry, it's our middle name, so then I don't get confused. But hey, that's a good start. What do you want your name to be?" I asked him, looking into what looked like a mirror.

"Hmm, Soul. I want my name to be Soul," Jerry, well, Soul said.

"Very clever, Soul. I like it. Well, if you get me out of here, I promise I'll come back for you. I have something I want to give to you," I said, smiling. This kid is not as bad as I thought he was. Once again, Nicholas Jerry Jonas saves the day with my choice of words. But this time, it's with a guy...who looks like me, that's a change of pace.

"That would be great," he replied and looked off into space, probably fantasizing what life was like outside of here. It's weird, I don't think he's even been outdoors at all.

"Okay, but here. We've gotta think of a plan to get me out. And fast. I'm not sure how much longer I can go without knowing what my blood sugar is. I practically passed out yesterday," 

"Alright. Well, I know the basically whole plan of the place. Once you're out of here, you go down a hallway and run into one body guard. You then should take a right, and you're faced with two body guards. And then you turn into a room on the left, and there are three guards. After them it's either the garage or my room. And once you're out of the garage, you're free. I've never been that far out, but I peeked a little with the car drove in with you,"

"So what you're trying to say is, I'm supposed to take down six body guards? And Jen?" I asked, laughing. He's gotta be kidding me. Now, I am pretty strong for the regular 17 year old boy. But taking down six 300 pound men? Yeah, good luck with that.

"Well, if I helped, and I got Joe and Kevin to help, it would be a lot easier," Once he said Joe and Kevin, I got really excited thinking he meant my brothers, but then I realized he meant my brothers clones. I haven't talked to them much, but they don't seem like the nicest people on earth.

"Are you sure they'd go along with this, though?" I asked. Joe seemed stubborn, just like his old self, and so I feel like it'd be difficult to convince. I'm not sure about Kevin, the whole time I got to spend with him all he did was talk about himself and how wonderful he was. Pretty much the opposite of the Kevin I knew.

"Yeah, if you gave them the speech you just gave me a couple minutes ago, and told Kevin he had nice hair, I'm sure they'd go for it. And if you also could get them out of here, too, in the end. I'm not going to leave without them," Spoken like a true brother, I nodded.

"That could definitely be arranged. I might have a little something for them too," I winked and he smiled.

"Good," he stood up from his spot on the ground and started walking towards the door. "I'll go see if I can get them in here. Oh, and one more thing..those guards? They're armed," He opened the door and this time, quietly shut it and walked away.

Armed..? As in, carrying a gun? Well that should be interesting. But, it can't stop me, so I'm going to try my best to hide my fear. Besides Soul's last comment, I would say that was a success? I really shoulda written it down though. Kevin and Joe are going to need a lot of convincing. But I guess when your life depends on it, you can pull a heck of a speech out of nothing.

Chapter Eighteen

Brooke's POV

"So, how should we approach this announcement?" Joe asked, looking at us. "We have to give in and say we did the crap, but at the same time, I think we should be hinting that we're being held at our will to make this damn announcement,"

"That's going to be hard, Joe," Kevin said. "I think we should just make it short and sweet, no questions ask. And then once we get Nick, we can make a public statement on how we're going to hire a lawyer to help settle this once and for all,"

"Making this announcement is screwing up everything. You know, saying the words 'we did it' is enough evidence to lock you up. No lawyer is going to want to help you guys out if you admit to the crime earlier," I argued looking at the two. Saying this whole announcement is the worst idea ever. But, of course, no one is listening to me...

"I'm willing to take that chance, Brooke. This is my brothers life at stake here," Joe once again said, looking at me. "I know you think they're just pulling our legs, which they may be, but I don't know if it is a risk I'll take," At this moment, so much of me wanted to scream in their faces about how my dad is a FBI Agent, and he does this all the time- lying and threatening, when in the end he'd do none of it. But, I'm not allowed to mention that to non-family members, so woo hoo. Here we go, it's time to screw up our lives!

"Alright, fine. Do whatever. But don't come crying to me when you're in jail and there is nothing you can do," Joe made a face to me but then went back to his paper.

"So Kevin? Are we going short and sweet?" he nodded while I leaned back in my chair and let out a soft huff. This is a bad, bad idea.

The rest is in Nick's POV.

I'm going to keep from boring you and just skip over my heart filled speech to the other Kevin and Joe. I also asked them if they wanted a new name, and they both named themselves something new. Kevin, surprise, went with a 'modest' Gorgeous. And Joe? He picked Cucumber. I swear, they're more alike than possible.

But anyways, I will tell you our plan. Basically, Soul, comes to pick me out of my room to go talk to Jen for one of my daily meetings, but instead of taking a left to her room, we take the right. Lucky for us, Soul was born with the talent of beating up people (thank God I took the talking approach in the room earlier) and knows exactly where to hit to knock them out, but not kill. He's like James Bond, but looks like me. (Jealous.) Anywho, so Soul has the job of knocking out the first guard while I try to sneak by. And if he needs help, I'm supposed to knock the guy in the nuts. I know, I know, such an exhausting job. But after dude number one, we meet Gorgeous and Cucumber, beating up the next two security guards. By now Jen and the other three security guards should be out, so the brothers go for the guards while I'm in charge of Jen. Not sure what I'll be doing to her, since I have rule of not hurting ladies, but I guess this might be the time I'll make a sacrifice. And once all of them are on the ground, the brothers try to drag them into my room, and I am supposed to book it out of there with directions Cucumber stole for me.

So yep. That's the elaborate plan. Will it work with 100% efficiency? Probably not. We'll figure out what to do if it comes to that point then. But right now, I'm alone in my room and supposed to wait 'till Soul picks me up. And once he does, it's game time.

After what felt like the longest twenty minutes of my life, Soul came pounding on my door and grabbing me out. He whispered in my ear, "Everything is set. If all goes according to plan, you'll be out of here in t minus 3 minutes," I nodded and soon we were greeted by the first body guard. "Hey, Mitch," Soul said, smiling, but before Mitch could reply, Soul banged Mitch's head against the wall and put his head into a lock under his arms and started choking him. Mitch started wailing his arms and tried to make a sound, but nothing came out. Moments later, he fell to the ground, knocked out. "Success," I whispered and followed Soul down the hallway where we met Cucumber and Gorgeous beating up the next two guys.

"What was that? You like my hair?" Gorgeous said. He let go of his grip on the body guard and the guy fell. "How kind!" But the guard was to quick for him and pounced back at him. But what I witnessed next was sweet- Soul practically flew from our spot and karate kicked the guy back to ground, where he stayed.

"Dude, you're so sick," I said and patted him on the shoulder. "I totally wish I had your talent," Soul didn't respond but instead went over to help Joe, er, Cucumber.

"What the heck is going on in here?!" I spun my head around and saw Jen standing there, fuming.

"Nick! Run!" one of the guys yelled. Without even thinking, I just started bolting out of there. The next three body guards didn't see me, so I whipped by them and ran out the door to the outside.

"Stop! Or I'll shoot!" I turned my head around and saw a huge guy holding up a rifle, pointing straight at me.

"No!" I yelled and started to run faster. If they wanted to kill me, they would have already. He wouldn't dare shoot me. But he did, and the next thing I know was a large crack and I felt a bullet going through my left calf. "Holy buckets!" I yelled out loud and fell to the ground. I looked over at my leg, and saw blood gushing out. But adrenaline took over my body and I got back up, and started limping towards the nearest road. I have to get out here.

"He's not stopping!" I heard the guy yell.

"Run after him, idiot!" Jen quickly responded.

After hearing their screams, it only made me run faster (which is very slow compared to my regular speed). I glanced back at the body guard who was supposed to be chasing me, but Cucumber had taken him down.

"C'mon Nick! You can do it!" I heard Soul yell. "I believe in you!" I clenched my fists and kept "running".

Pain is just weakness leaving the body. Pain is just weakness leaving the body! Do it for the band. And without looking back anymore, I hopped my way to the first stop Cucumber told me to go.

Ginger Gas Station outdoor pay phone. Here, I'm going to call my brothers.

Chapter Nineteen

This is in Brooke's POV.

Baaaaarinnnnngggg. I turned my head and saw my phone ring. Unknown number. J3Z...? But without hesitating, I flipped open my phone and said hello.

"Brooke! Oh my god thank you for answering! Joe and Kevin didn't answer theirs!" A familiar voice said, panting from the other line. Call me crazy, but I think it's Nick.

"Nick..?" I asked, confused. Joe and Kevin spun their attention over at me and perked up.

"You're talking to Nick?!" Joe yelled and ran over. He stole the phone from me and screamed into, "Buddy! How are you? Where are you! What's going on?!" Joe started nodding, but his face began to drop. "Nick got shot,"

"What??!?!" Kevin and I yelled at the same time, having the same paranoid look on our faces.

"Uh, yeah, okay. Sounds good," Joe hung up the phone and quietly set it on my desk. "We have to go pick Nick up, he's at the Ginger Gas Station or something? He said he'd explain more in the car,"

"Oh I know where that is!" I said excitedly, happy we didn't have to leak the fake secret. "I'll go steal my keys from my dad, I'll meet you out front," they both nodded and I sprinted towards my dads room. He was taking a nap and I saw my keys sitting on his bed side table. I quietly sniped them and ran outside to the car. Joe and Kevin were there waiting for me, pacing.

"Shot gun!" Joe yelled and ran over to the car.

"You are so immature," Kevin laughed and hopped into the back seat. I got inside the car and quickly turned it on and sped out of there. I guess it's Operation Save Nick now..?

"What do you mean Nick's shot?" I asked Joe, breaking the silence we had for about five minutes.

"I don't know. He didn't say. All I know is he's hurt and that he'd explain in the car," Joe said, shrugging. Way to be blunt, Nicholas. I looked around, looking for cops and started to speed as fast as possible. This would normally be around a 15 minute drive, but with my speeding, we could get there in 5-10.

Well, eventually those 10 minutes passed and we rolled into the gas station. But there was no sign of Nick around. Joe rolled down his window. "Nick?" He quietly yelled, confused. "Oh my god," he whispered to himself and his face began to pale. "Look at all that blood," I stuck my neck out of the car and looked at the ground. There was a pool of blood about 10 feet away towards the back of the gas station.

"He must be back there. Kevin, can you go check? He most likely needs help getting into the car," Kevin nodded and whipped to the back of the gas station as fast as humanely possible. The next three seconds felt like years, but soon enough Kevin came walking back with Nick in his arms. Kevin's shirt was drenched in blood.

"Oh my Lord," I said and just looked at Nick. He looked drowsy and as if he was about to pass out. I threw about twenty bucks at Joe and yelled, "Go buy a towel and some water!" He jumped out of the car and came back as soon as possible. We wrapped the towel around his leg and poured some water on his face, and than he finished the bottle up.

"Okay, we're bringing you to the hospital. I don't know how much longer you can make it without medical help," I said, pulling out of the gas station.

"No, Brooke, no! We can't! They'll catch us there and arrest us!" Nick complained.

"Look at yourself, bud. Your entire leg is red. You're going to bleed to death!" I started to speed faster and went off to search for the nearest urgent care. "They won't arrest you if you're injured. But they might take Joe and Kevin into custody. So you guys better not come inside the hospital,"

"Oh. Heck no. I'm going in with my brother and no one is stopping me," Joe argued.

"Joe, you can't come in and you know it. It's not like you would be able to see me inside anyways. You'd be safer outside anyways," Nick said, trying to calm him down. Man, I've missed this guy. He totally adds peace to his brothers, even when he's leg is at as risk of amputation.

"Ugh, fine. But I'm not going back to the house. Wait a minute...why were you kidnapped in the first place? Who did this to you?" Joe asked and looked over at his brother who was laying on Kevin's lap in the backseat. Nick bit his lip and started looking out the window. His eyes started to fill with tears and he shook his head.

"C'mon, Nick. You can tell us," Kevin said and started to rub Nick's shoulder.

"Jen," he whispered. Joe's jaw dropped and Kevin's face was priceless. They looked beyond shocked.

"Holy buckets," Joe whispered. The next few minutes were spent in silent while the boys let the news sink in. But soon enough Joe got worked up, which was what I was expecting from him. "What a bitch! What an effing bitch! Ohhh, she doesn't know who she is messing with. Oh, once I get my hands on her I'm going to give her a piece of my mind. I can't believe she shot you. I can't believe she is the one destroying us!"

"Joe, it's okay. That won't do anything. Soon enough word will get out and she'll be put in prison. Let the government handle it," Nick said reassuring his brother. "Trust me, I was upset at first too. But I met some cool guys when I was locked away at her joint. This can be a learning experience for us to never take anything for granted. Our life is limited and we can never know when a disaster is heading our way, so maybe next time we'll be prepared," Leave it to the youngest kid in the car who's probably in throbbing pain to give a touching speech. It sure shut up Joe though.

"But Nick, you already knew that prior to this. You fight for your life everyday," Kevin said, pointing out his diabetes.

"Speaking of you happen to have insulin on you? It's been awhile," Nick asked. Kevin nodded and pulled some out from his murse (man purse, ahha). I mean satchel...hehe.

20 minutes later.

It only took forever to get to this freakin' hospital. I threw Joe my keys and told him to call me to catch up and I watched him and Kevin drive off into the distance. I looked at Nick, who looked helpless and picked him off the ground and started running into the hospital. "They're going to get you better, I promise," Nick looked terrified, but nodded. I plopped him down in a waiting chair and ran over to the nearby nurse and told him she was shot. I heard Nick yell something, but he was too drowsy for me to understand his words. The nurse nodded, looking at him, and called over someone, and quickly Nick was picked up and brought to the Emergency Room. I was told to sit in the waiting room, which I did, until someone unfamiliar grabbed me out of my chair. "You're coming with me, bitch," she whispered. I looked over at the scrappy woman holding onto me. Even though I've never seen pictures of this chick, I know who she is. This is probably what Nick's wail was centered towards. The girl Joe called a bitch.


Chapter Twenty

This chapter is in Brooke's POV.

Well this is swell. I'm getting kidnapped. I looked around, seeing if there was any way out. But there really wasn't. Plus her grip on me was pretty hard.

"Make one sound, and I'll make sure of Nick doesn't make out of his surgery alive," I gulped and nodded. I gave in and let her drag me out of the hospital. She threw me into one of those sketchy vans, and there was..Nick? wrapped up in duct tape next to me in the big trunk. She slammed the door shut, blocking out any light. It was completely black and deadly quiet.

"Uh hello??" I asked, trying to look in the direction Nick was slumped in here. "Shouldn't you be at the hospital?"

"Almost the exact reaction Nick had when he saw me," a voice chuckled. "But he looked petrified. You look a little more confused,"

"Um? What is going on? What do you mean? You are not making sense." I said, rolling my eyes out of habit as if I was speaking to the real Nick Jonas. Which I wasn't, right? God, my life can be so unclear sometimes.

"I go by the name Soul. I'm Nick's clone," he said calmly as if that was an everyday sentence I heard in my life. But, heck no. When Joe guessed they had clones a while back, I thought that was pretty far fetched. But being a couple feet away from one? Yeah, two minutes ago I thought that was impossible. "And well, I can see in the dark. Don't roll your eyes at me," he paused for a second and chuckled. "I just winked,"

"Thanks for informing me that. I made a face at where I thought he was coming from.

"Little more to the left," I turned my head a bit until I heard him yell, "Stop!"

"Okay, anyways? Why the heck are you wrapped up? And what am I doing in here?" I exclaimed, asking the poor guy every question that was popping into my head. "And how do you look like Nick?"

"Wow, pushy one are we? Nick told me about you. And I already told you. I'm his clone. Therefore, we're practically twins. Almost identical. Jen, oh that girl who had thrown you into here, her brother. He's the one who created me. I'm wrapped up 'cause I helped Nick escape from her hide out, and I'm guessing she doesn't want her secret to go out so she's getting you to have you as bait to bring the other brothers in," Nick took a deep breath. "Well then, any more questions?"

"I guess not," I leaned up against the wall of the trunk. "Wait, are there any other ones of you? Like.. a Kevin and Joe?"

"Of course. But they're back at the place. I was only brought into here to try to redeem my reputation and intimidate you. But as you can tell, I'm failing on purpose. Nick talked me out of being their slave," Have I mentioned how amazing Nick is at persuading and talking to be people? I envy that skill of his.

"I'm not surprised. He's a pretty convincible kid," I nodded, knowing, er, Soul could see me. "I hope he's alright. He got shot,"

"Yeah, but he's tough. He lasted a week in there. I'm not sure if I am going to make it. Besides, I'm supposed to die soon anyways. My life span is about as short as a gold fish.

"I'm sorry," I said. "But thanks for helping Nick. That means a lot,"

"Well, there is a reason he was born into the life he has. And I don't think he's shown the world what it is yet. He has a life that is going to be worth dying for, and I want him to live up to it. I really believe he has a bright future ahead of him. He's going to truly make a difference," Soul said, confidently. I can't tell if he's trying to over glamorize his clone, or if he's being completely serious.

"I'm being 100% serious," he said as if reading my mind. "Yeah, I can read minds. But don't tell Nick, I left that out to him. I didn't want him to feel too bad about his self," he said with a chuckle. "So watch what you think," That's gonna be a problem for me. My mind is like a never ending novel involving quite a few choice words. Soul better cover up his ears, or whatever he, uh, hears minds with.

The trunk finally came to a halt, and the Jen chick dragged us both out of truck. I remained silent and she pulled me into this shaft, where Nick most likely had stayed the past week. Poor kid, it looks like hell. But hey, poor me. Apparently I have to live here, too.

"I really didn't want to come to this," this Jen character said to me, once we were alone in a room together. I was tied down in a chair, it was really uncomfortable and I can just feel the rope burn coming on. "But your buddy Nick thought it'd be clever to run away, so I guess we're going to have to get dirty,"

"Uh, girl. You're already dirty. I'd take a shower if I were you," I smirked and looked up at the bitch. Hey, if she's going to be holding me hostage for awhile, I'm going to make it the worst experience of her life. Like Nick said, don't take anything for granted. Therefore, I'm going to be having a little from with her. "You hair looks like a rats nest!"

"Shut up," she glared at me and slammed her foot onto my knee, forcing the chair to fly me back into the wall. The chair flung forward, and my face was forced into the ground. I saw blood to start flowing out of my nose. Dammit. My face is not going to look pretty. She walked over and flung me back up. "One more word about anything sarcastic, and I'll pull the plug on Nick,"

"And how exactly will you do that? There is a team of doctors surrounding him at the moment, there is no way you could get past them," I argued, keeping my cool and ignoring the throbbing pain of my nose. If Nick could run away from this with a bullet in his calf, I can survive a bloody, and possible broken, nose.

"There is always going to be one unfaithful doctor," she winked and pointed to a TV screen that was focused on Nick's surgical room. He was fast asleep and the team of doctors were attempting to get the bullet out of his leg. I scanned the group, trying to figure out what she meant by an unfaithful doctor. Shit. On the back of one of the doctors neck, the three characters, "J3Z" were tattooed on.

"You wouldn't," I practically gasped, looking at the psychotic woman in front of me.

"Oh, but I would. Your job is to chill here and see what fate brings. Here, let's get a picture of this bloody mess," she picked up a polaroid camera and snapped a picture of me. I probably looked horrible; my hair was in tangles, my face was completely bloody, and I could feel a black and blue mark coming on around my left eye.

"What is that for?" I asked, curiousity getting the best of me.

"Oh, nothing really," she smirked and smiled once the picture she took finally showed up on the new photo sheet. "I'm just giving Kevin and Joe one option. They're going to decide who they'd rather save,"

"Uh..what do you mean?" I asked again; my pulse starting to race.

"They're going to decide who gets to live and who gets to die. You, or their very own brother Nick,"

My stomach dropped and I felt all my muscles go dead. I felt myself start to faint, even though that's hard to do strapped into a chair. But this time, Joe wasn't there to catch me.

And I don't think he's going to be there to save me.


Chapter Twenty One

This chapter is in Joe's POV.

"Nick better be okay," I said as I pulled into an empty field. We were about 10 minutes out from the hospital, a close enough distance to get there ay-sap if there was a problem, but a far enough distance to keep ourselves from being thrown into police custody.

"I'm sure he will. He has a team of doctors working on him as we speak. Worse comes to worst, he'll possibly just lose his left leg. I don't think this is life threatening," Kevin tried to reassure me as the oldest brother should do. But I could sense his fear and his desire to give up. We were all just tired of this crap and things seemed to just keep going wrong. 

Kevin and I just sat there in silence, both afraid to speak up. The silence was like our medicine, it healed us from saying discouraging thoughts, but it didn't stop them from coming to our minds. But I guess when you say something out loud, it seems so much more real.

All of a sudden an envelope blew in front of our car and perfect landed on our windshield, sticking perfectly under the windshield wipers.

"That's odd," Kevin remarked and stepped out of the car and looked around for someone watching. He saw no one and grabbed the envelope out of it's spot.

"That's kinda spooky," I said and shivered a bit, feeling like I was being surrounded by someone. "I'm driving to a new place," Kevin nodded as I turned the car on and drove back to the road, to a new, but this time hopefully abandoned, area.

I heard Kevin rip the envelope open, and inside were two polaroids and one note.

"Uh, Joe. I think you're going to want to look at this," Kevin said, nudging my side so I quickly pulled over in the road.

"Yeah, what is it?" He handed me the polaroids and I looked at each one. Oh my god. The first one was of Nick, in surgery. He had a lot of machines connected to him and an IV in his left arm. The doctors were surrounding his leg with the bullet. There was one doctor with his back to us, and you could perfectly read a tattoo on his neck. J3Z. Holy buckets. I shuddered, thinking about Nick being once again in the arms of Jen and her lameass employees. I switched over to the second polaroid. It was a picture of Brooke, tied onto a chair in an empty room. He face was as bloody as hell and she had black and blue marks forming all around. What the heck happened to her? She's supposed to be in the waiting room at the hospital? Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no.

"They have them both. What are we supposed to do now?!" I said and threw the two pictures onto the dashboard.

"Well, it came with this note," Kevin said, hesitating. His eyes were red and I could see he was holding back tears. I grabbed the note from him, scared to see what I was going to read,

Hey boys! I'm hope you're doing well..bahah, nah. I make myself laugh. I hope you're having the worst day of your life! And to only make it worse, I'm giving you a decision. You must pick one or the other. The chick, Brooke, whom you met a little over a week ago, or Nicholas, your younger brother who you've lived with the past 15 years? Make the right decision, 'cause you only get one. And the other? We'll invite you to their funeral next week. -xoxo, J3Z

I just stared at the paper, shocked. I'm literally at a lost of words, I have no idea what to say. Pick one..? As in, make the practically impossible decision of choosing one person to, um, live?

"We're going to save Nick. End of discussion," Kevin said with tears going down his face. "Brooke is amazing, but Nick is our brother. He's our blood," My lip quivered and I tried to nod to agree, but my body wouldn't let me. I love Nick, so much. But Brooke? I can't just leave her to die?

"I can't just let Brooke die, though!" I argued. "She wouldn't be in that position if it weren't for us. If she dies, it's our fault completely,"

"But Nick..he's your own brother!" Kevin exclaimed, shocked I would even consider choosing Brooke over him.

"I know, I know. Of course we should save Nick, but I don't think I can do this. I can't just leave Brooke. You don't understand," I felt the tears coming down and put my hands into my lap, embarrassed of the emotional roller coaster I've experienced these past few days. I'm supposed to be the funny one- but I haven't laughed in days.

"We don't have a choice," Kevin said. "I hate this, believe me. I never in a million years would want to put the death penalty on Brooke. But there is nothing we can do but pray she somehow makes it out alive,"

"But," I started, unsure if I should continue. "I, I.. I love her," I looked down and felt Kevin's eyes staring straight at me. "I love Nick as a brother. He's one of the best brothers ever, and the most inspirational being I've ever met. If he died, the hopes of so many others would die too. By killing Nick, you're killing the souls of countless others."

He paused.

"But Brooke. She's just, amazing. Ever since that car ride with her, I've caught myself dreaming about her. Just everything about her. She makes me smile in the most legit worst of times, she isn't afraid to stand up for herself, and best of all, she loves us for who we are but not what we are. I've never met a girl like her before and I don't want to let her go. I've let too many amazing girls slide through my fingers before. But, Brooke. She gives me hope that I actually might have found my soulmate. And seeing her like that, with all that blood and hurt, it makes me sick. I want to beat myself up for not being there for her right now,"

There was a long pause, but eventually Kevin spoke up. "I don't know what to say Joe," he said, at a loss of words. "I wish there was a way for us to get them both. I really do,"

Before I could respond, another envelope flew onto the windshield. Kevin grabbed it, shaking with fear of what it could hold within it.

Inside were two addresses. One was to the hospital Nick was at, and the other? Most likely where Brooke was being held hostage. 

"So we know where she's being held?" I asked, unsure of why they gave us both addresses. Wouldn't they figure we'd just try to save them both?

"Well, I guess we're going to the hospital?" I nodded, but then I got an idea. Couldn't I just drop Kevin off and then quickly speed over to the second address? I mean, what hurt could that do.

"I have a better idea," I said, and looked over at Kevin. He looked confused and a little nervous of what I have to say. "How about I drop you off at the hospital, and then I drive off and try to find this place?"

"Wouldn't that be taking a big risk, though?" Kevin asked as he put his seat belt back on while I pulled out from the curb and headed towards the hospital.

"Like Brooke said, we don't take enough risks. And this is one I'm willing to take. I'm not sure what I'd do with myself if I let Brooke die like that without a fight,"

Kevin sat there for a second, going over what I said and tried to think of what to say. "Alright. Fine, I'm going to let do what you believe is right, but they're going to notice something is up when it's just me going into the hospital. We're both going to have to go fast,"

"Here. When you get into the hospital, just look for Nick's room. And once you find it, just take down the guy with the tattoo. Do everything you can to make sure he stays away from Nick. And I'll go look for Jen's place. This may be a huge risk, but I have to do it. I love you, Kevin. Please be safe," Kevin gave me a slight smile, but soon enough we saw the hospital in the distance. I pulled into the parking lot and took one last glimpse at my brother, and gave him a quick nod. I quickly put the car in park, and Kevin bolted out and ran inside the hospital. I sat there for a second, making sure this is something I'd want to do.

"Good luck, buddy," I said to myself and turned on the ignition, speeding my way off to save the love of my life.

Chapter Twenty Two

This chapter starts out in Soul's, Nick's clone, POV.

I looked at my watch. It read 5:30pm, June 20th.

June 20th. In ten days, my life on earth will officially be over. I have ten days to make the best of this god damn life I was created into. And how am I going to be spending it? In a jail cell infested with spiders. At least Brooke is stuck in here with me. She's kinda a downer though, not gonna lie.

"What if I die, Soul? They're obviously going to save Nick and not me!" Brooke cried out. She was sitting at the opposite side of the room of me with her head in her lap. What a baby.

"Shut up, Brooke, that isn't helping," I rolled my eyes and laid my head against the wall. "Oh hey, I can hear Jen's thoughts my here," I stuck my ear to the wall and tried to focus on on her thoughts. The walls were thin, so I could easily decipher her train of thought.

"What's she thinking?" Brooke asked, sitting up and wiping her tears away.

"Shh, shh. Hold on," I said quietly and focused in. "Joe's coming,"

"Wait what? Joe's" she had a puzzled look on her face, but the tears stopped coming down.

"Yeah, Kevin went to Nick and Joe's coming to you. I don't really know, but it seems like he's on his way right now to save you," Her eyes lit up and her expression changed from depressed to hopeful. I'm not sure how I'm gonna tell her how difficult it is going to be for him to actually save her...Jen knows he's coming and this entire building is surrounded with armed body guards.

I watched Brooke's eyes as she wandered her look towards the window, about 10 feet above the ground of us. "No, that'll never work," I said, reading her mind. No way in heck would we be able to break that open without Jen or anyone else noticing.

"If you stand on my shoulders I'm pretty sure you can break it open. You look pretty built," I smiled and thought about earlier when I pretty much destroyed the body guards. I guess there is a good chance I could destroy that window easily.

"Good luck with keeping my weight up," I laughed and stood up from the ground, taking one last listen to Jen's thoughts to make sure she didn't suspect anything from us. Everything sounded good, so I motioned Brooke to lean over so I could stand on her shoulders.

"This is going to be a major struggle," Brooke managed to say as one of my feet stepped on her shoulder.

"The adrenaline will catch onto you easily. Just wait," I replied and foot my second foot on her shoulder. She started to wobble, but after a few seconds it seemed stable. I reached up at bit and felt around the window. It looked pretty thin, I think I could break it down in about one punch. I looked out the window one last time to check if anyone was around, but it was clear. I punched through it, the glass spraying everywhere and cutting my hand open in many places. "Shoot," I grumbled, the pain getting to me.

"What?" she asked with a worried tone.

"Nothing, don't worry about it," I fought through the pain and wiped most of the glass out and stepped down. "Your first. Get on my shoulders and I'll pull you out,"

"How will you get out?" she asked, confused on how I was going get out without her help.

"Don't worry about it. I'll figure something out. The only thing that matters is that you get out before Joe gets captured too," She nodded and I bent down and she climbed above and reached the window. "Don't leave until you see his car. You don't want to attract attention yet," She didn't say anything, but I assumed she nodded. I looked down at my right hand. It was completely red from the blood.

After about two minutes, Brooke perked up and said a little too loud, "He's here!"

"Hurry!" I yelled back and she climbed out, dropped to the ground with a thud. I took one last listen to Jen's thoughts, seeing if there was a sign she noticed the sound. God. She did. I heard her start running out her down and towards this room. "Shoot!" I yelled and practically ran up the wall towards the window. I had a grip on the window with one hand which was touching a blade of glass, cutting open the second hand. All of a sudden she bursted through the door.

"Nick, stop! I own you! I created you! You can't leave like that!" She was yelling and tugging on my leg, trying to force me down.

"My name is not Nick!" I yelled back, and kicked her head, bringing her body to the ground. I ran away as fast as I could.

The rest is in Joe's POV.

"I think this is it," I said to myself, when I saw a building about 50 feet away. I started to pull over when I saw Brooke burst through a window. Holy mother of whaaat? I quickly stopped the car and ran out towards Brooke.

"Brooke! How in the world?" her eyes were red and her arms were bloody and her face was beaten apart but she still looked amazing. She ran towards me and gave me a huge hug.

"Oh my god, Joe! She's horrible! I can't believe your saving me!" she cried. The tears started coming back to her face and she bawled into my shoulder. Just as I was about to say something back, I saw.. Nick? hop through the same window Brooke just escaped from.

"What the..Nick?" I yelled and Brooke let go with a little smile.

"That's his clone," she smiled and wiped her tears away while grabbing the boys hand, which was destroyed with cuts. "His name is Soul," Wait..a clone? As in, a person made from..uh, too much science for me. I didn't think I was possible, but then again I did guess it awhile back. Looks like the not so genius was the smart one.

"Woah, hey man. I'm Joe," I managed to say, confused from being so close to a guy that looked exactly like my brother, but wasn't him.

"Nick told me all about you. Your clone is inside," Soul responded, pointing to the building behind him.

"Seriously? Can I go get him?" I asked, pumped to see my so called clone.

"I wouldn't do that. People are going to be out to get us pretty soon," Soul hesitated and pointed to my car. "Is that yours? You guys should get going,"

"Aren't you coming with?" Brooke asked.

"No, I can't. I'm not leaving until I get Cucumber, uh, Joe and Kevin's clones out. Don't worry, I'll be fine," he reassured and gave us a small, toothy smile. That's something Nick doesn't usually do, it was weird to see it.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Positive, but I'll see you later. Nick promised to get me when this was finished," he winked, and within seconds disappeared into the forest behind the building. I heard screaming from the house and motioned Brooke to the car. That's our cue to get the heck out.

Chapter Twenty Three

This starts in Kevin's POV.

"Hi, may I ask where Nicholas Jonas is saying?" I asked the lady at the hospital counter. There was a clipboard in front of her with all the rooms. I quickly scanned for the name Jonas. Aha, room 154.

"I'm sorry but he's in surgery right now. No visitors allowed," the lady gripped her clipboard and motioned me to the waiting room. "You're welcome to wait until he's out,"

"I'm sorry, but that isn't an option," she raised her eyebrows and gave me a look, but before she could respond I started running down the hallway towards Nick's room.

"Security! Kevin Jonas just broke in!" I heard her yell behind me, but I didn't care. This is my brothers life at stake, again, and I'm not going to lose him anymore.

Room 151..152..153..155.

Where the heck is room 154? I spun around seeing if I missed it. I heard security running towards me, so I ran the opposite way but continued to look. I saw an arrow on the wall pointing to a couple of rooms. Above the arrow the word, SURGERY was written out.

"Where'd he go?!" I heard the police yelling, about 15 feet away. I quickly ran towards the nearest surgery room, which happened to be 154. Success. There was a cart outside of the room with a white coat and face mask. I put them both on and casually entered the room.

"His heart is still stable. This is good. Krobasha, how's the bullet exit going?" I slipped into the room and looked around, looking for the guy with the tattoo. "Excuse me? Can I help you?" a doctor asked me, looking me up and down.

"Uh, no. I'm the head of, uh, doctors association and I was told to quickly stop in every room to make sure things are going alright," I lied, and the guy hesitantly nodded. No one seemed to suspect anything so I wandered around the room, looking for Jen's associate. As I was scanning the room, I saw Nick laying on the bed, completely out. He looked extremely pale and sick. His leg was extremely beat up but there were a team of doctors surrounding him.

"Looking for something?" I heard a voice behind me. I whipped around and was faced with tattoo guy. He had the look of death in his eyes and was holding a knife usually used for incisions for surgeries.

"Uh, nope. Just checking around to make sure everything is-" but before I could finish, he attempted to stab me, flinging the knife into my stomach. I saw it coming though, so I jumped to the side before it could reach me. The doctors around us started screaming and asking what the hell was going on.

"This man is trying to kill my brother!" I yelled and circled around the guy. The police ran in from the screaming. The biggest guy there pointed at me and yelled, "It's the Jonas! Arrest him!" Shoot. I saw tattoo guy smirk and I looked around for a way out.

There was no exit, wo I was forced to something I never thought I'd ever do.

I grabbed tattoo man from around the neck and quickly sniped his knife away from him. How did I manage to do that? No idea. I'm just quick and he didn't suspect it coming. "Come any closer and I'll cut his throat,"

The police looked at each other, unsure how to react. But one by one they started to slowly back up.

"I want each of you to exit this room and don't come back until the surgery is over," they reluctantly nodded and slowly left the room. "Now you guys, save my brother. And hurry," One of the doctors was crying but the others were confused what was going on. I really wanted to tell them I'd never do anything to hurt them, but this approach to the situation seemed to be the only way to react. I looked at the guy I was gripping and he had a devilish smile on his face.

"I enjoy the fact you're trying so hard to save your brother. It's disgusting, but helps me do this," he whispered.

As I was about to ask what, all of a sudden he elbowed me into the stomach, grabbed the knife back and forced me to ground. "You think you can win but you guys never will," and with that, he shoved the knife into his heart and fell to the ground.

"What the heck did you do? I thought you said you wouldn't hurt him if we cooperated?" one of the doctors screamed at me, seeing me lying on the ground next to the tattoo guy, who was noticeably dead.

"What do you mean?" I yelled back. No! "He killed himself!"

"Like we're going to believe that. Security!" the crying doctor yelled and then soon enough the police ran back to the room and were welcomed with me and tattoo guy on the ground in a pool of blood.

"Oh what the hell have you done," one of the police officers said to me. He pulled me off the ground and handcuffed me. "Don't you even for a second believe you're getting away with this,"

I tried to plead and say I didn't do it, but it was hopeless. I was stuck in a never ending cycle of bad luck.

The rest is in Joe's POV.

"So what happened back there? Are you okay?" I asked, glancing over at Brooke who was sitting in the passenger seat of her car.

"I'm sure I'm all right. Just a little shaken up," she sighed and stared out the window. "How come you went to save me? Isn't that huge risk?"

"Well, it was one I was willing to take," I said, dancing around the real reason I came. If she knew I loved her after knowing her for only a week she'd shun me for the rest of my life.

"Thank you, it means a lot," she quietly responded. We remained quiet for awhile until we pulled up to the hospital. "Is that..Kevin?" she asked and pointed to a police car about 10 yards away.

I looked to my left and sure enough, handcuffed to the back seat of the police car was my older brother, Kevin Jonas.

Fricken. Chicken.

Chapter Twenty Four

This starts out in Brooke's POV.

"I'm sensing Kevin failed to save Nick," I said, looking over at the car. Kevin had his head against the window. He looked pissed off.

"That's what it looks like," Joe concluded and slowly drove into a parking space with a far enough distance to keep unnoticed. "You gotta go and see if Nick is okay.  I would go in myself, but I'm afraid they'll arrest me, too,"

"Yeah, okay, I'll go check," I left his car and started heading into the hospital.

"Oh my! Are you all right? We'll get you a room right away!" the lady at the front desk exclaimed once I entered the building.

"What?" I asked, looking around to see if she was talking about me. Oh yeah. I looked beat up. She thinks I'm here for myself.

"It looks like your nose is broken," a nurse said, running up to me. "Here, follow me we have a room ready," 

"No, I am-" I tried to say I was okay, but they didn't listen and shoved me into a wheel chair.

"We should bring her straight to the x-ray room," the nurse said to her co worker.

"I agree," they started talking to each other, but I felt woozy and zoned out.

"Brooke?" I heard someone ask. I looked around and saw Nick walking by with crutches. 

"Nick?" I whispered. He put his finger to his mouth as in saying shh, and so I silently mouthed, Joe's outside. He mouthed, Thanks but are you okay? I shrugged and soon enough he was behind me.


The rest is in Joe's POV.

"Nick! Buddy!" I jumped out of the car once I saw Nick walking out of the hospital and ran over to him and helped him into the car. Once we were both inside I asked, "Where's Brooke?"

"I don't know, she was in a wheel chair when I saw her inside, what happened to her? She looked horrible!" Nick exclaimed and then looked out the window. "Wait, what happened to Kevin?

"I guess I'll start from the beginning," I hesitated, realizing Nick knew nothing about the choose one person deal. "So Kevin and I got this letter saying we had to choose who got to live, you or Brooke,"

"Shoot!" Nick yelled. "That's why she's beat up! I knew I saw Jen in the waiting room!"

"Uh, yeah..." I said. "And well, Kevin and I tried to get both of you, and we did, but Kevin got arrested for some reason, I don't know. He was in the cop car when we got here. Brooke was going inside to check on you to make sure you were all right, but I guess the people working there assumed she was injured,"

"She is injured, Joe," Nick said matter of factly. "Did you not see her face? It's extremely bloody," I thought about it for a second trying to think of what her face looked like. I honestly don't remember that much blood.

"She wasn't that bloody," I responded, confused why Nick said that.

"Oh God," Nick muttered and looked up at me. "You love her, don't you?" I raised my eyebrows and shook my head denying the fact. "Yes, yes you do. It's obviously true, you are so in love you can't even notice anything wrong with her, the only thing you see is how amazing she is,"

"Not true," I lied and then shook my head noticing I couldn't win this. "God, you're good, Nick," I chuckled a bit for a second, for the first time in a couple days.

"I read you like a book. Well, what should we do? Wait in here until Brooke's out? They think she broke her nose," Nick replied.

"I guess so," I shrugged. "Once she's out we should go and figure out a way to get-" Before I could finish my sentence I heard pounding on my window. I looked at Nick whose eyes were growing bigger.

"Don't look, man. Don't look. Back up the car," he insisted. I gave him a look but started to back up. The pounding became harder and I heard someone screaming. I couldn't help myself and turned my head to look.

"Dude! It's the police!" I yelled and slammed on the brakes.

"My point! Let's get the hell out before they arrest us!" Nick yelled back and put the car back into reverse.

"I've already ran away from the police once this week! I can't take it anymore, Nick! I give up!" I screamed louder and tears started forming in my eyes. I quietly whispered, "I give up,"

"That's not the Joe I know! Turning ourselves in now will do nothing!" Nick said, trying to give me a pep talk. "We still have a chance to get out of here!"

"I can't do it. I'm sorry," I quietly said and parked the car. I unlocked the doors and slowly stepped out. "I love you Nick," I whispered one last time and then I turned to face the police officer. He threw me against the car and started hand cuff my arms together. I banged my head on the car and tried to keep the tears from coming out.

"Joseph Jonas, you've been arrested for the murder of Brooke Logan," I quickly brought my head up and yelled, "What the hell!" The police officer still continued, "You have the right to remain silent."

Nick jumped out of the car and looked at us too and hesitated as he slowly interupted, "Brooke's  dead?"

Another police officer ran to him and cuffed him up.

"C'mon boys. Time to join your brother," the cops said together and dragged us to the car Kevin was in.

I looked over at Nick who was starting to cry.

Three weeks ago, we were number one on iTune's Top Album chart. And today, we were number one on Minnesota's most wanted.

The "cookie cutter popstar" band The Jonas Brothers were officially arrested.

Chapter Twenty Five

Brooke's POV

"About two hours ago, the police was called to a warehouse a few miles north of Alexandria. When the police arrived, they entered a room where they found Ms. Brooke Logan herself was lying on the ground in a pool of blood with an apparent broken neck. She was dead when the police arrived. Brooke was the Jonas Brothers neighbor and friend. It is puzzling to why Joe would have murdered her, but the police are still investigating. Currently all three Jonas Brothers are in police custody and are to be questioned later this day."


If you've had that moment in your life when you honestly feel like it is a "FML" moment, just compare it to this. You can't get much worse than this. The boys are in jail and I'm probably going to be wanted soon enough. It won't take long for the police to connect them to me.

The only good news of the day is my nose is not broken, but I still am so bruised and just look gross. I'm scared to face my dad, he's definitely never letting me near them Jonas boys again, even though I don't think they could hurt a fly.

But lets get back to the most important part. The part where the TV just accused Joe Jonas of


I started to freak out but then quickly noticed someone in the corner of my eye. It was Nick, and he had been running.

"We've gotta get outta here," he said, out of breath. He was panting and then I realized this wasn't Nick, this was Soul. Nick's clone.

"What happened back there? Why are they saying I'm dead?" I yelled and brought Soul to my room, trying to get answers out of him.

"I think this was her master plan all along. I guess she has a clone of you too. And she somehow just successfully framed Joe Jonas for murder." Soul guessed and ran his fingers through his hair. "I knocked her out but she'll wake up soon. The body guards are trying to kill us now, my brothers and I. We're the only evidence left your friends didn't make those videos,"

"Speaking of which, where are they?" I asked.

"I don't know," he said, shaking his head. "A different body guard took each of us, they separated us. For all I know, they could be dead now. But since I'm so parkour I was able to break away from mine," he winked but then continued to shake his head. I can't help but say this Nick is a little full of himself.

"Sorry," I said and hugged the guy. He's been through a lot in well...his whole life. Kinda of sucky life, if you ask me. "But how did you find my house, anyways?"

"I really don't know. I was just kind of brought here? I had a gut feeling to go this way, and then all of a sudden I saw your car out front. I really have no idea," he shrugged and sat down on my bed. "But we have to go to police station, fast. You and me. We have to show there are two Nick's -- prove that you are actually alive -- and then there will be a chance for them to get their reputations back,"

"Yeah, you are right. Let's go, we need this to stop, once and for all," I agreed and pulled him off the bed and ran outside. For the first time in a long time, there was nothing getting in my way of getting out of this mess. We safely made it to my car, and the drive to the police station was slick. It almost sounds too good to be true. But the hard part was yet to come. The truth was about to come out.

And there was nothing stopping me from getting it out.

Chapter Twenty Six

Brooke's POV

"Here's the game plan," I whispered to Soul. I grabbed my backpack from the backseat, which was filled with different wigs, glasses, makeup, and etc. I quickly disguised myself to look like an old lady and looked over at Soul. "Do I look legit?"

"Hahaha, you look like the kind of old peeps that keep a stash of all the neighborhood kids balls in their basement when something flies into their yard," Soul laughed and shook his head. "So yes, you look legit,"

"Good, that was what I was shooting for," I winked and looked around to make sure no one saw us interacting like that. "Aight, game plan! I storm into the station with you, and claim I found Nick Jonas? That'll get them talking,"

"Yup, bulletproof. I hope. I'm not sure we can take anymore gun wounds today," I nodded nervously, knowing he wasn't being sarcastic. 

"So you ready? Let's go save some Jonas butt," I gave Soul one last thumbs up before hopping out of the car and running over to his tour and tug him out. He put his annoyed face on as I put on my pissed off look, and we stormed into the station like there was no tomorrow. 'Cause as of now, tomorrow was actually pretty questionable.

"Can I get some help hereee?" I screeched, squinting my eyes and pretending to old lady like. "I found this booyyyy squishing my plants in my yard. His name is Nick Jonasssss, I heard he was wanted on the radioooo. PLEASE, help here?"

"Hello...?" an officer said, running up to me. "That can't be Nick Jonas. That's impossible. We have him in a cell out back,"

"You best get some glasses, 'cause he definiteellllyy has the same puppy dog face I recognize from the televsiooonnn,"

"Jackson! What's your view on Nick Jonas? Because I'm looking at him right now in the lobby," the officer said, speaking to his walkie talkie.

"Johnson! The youngest Jonas in his cell with his brothers, I just questioned him! That's impossible!" The walkie talkie yelled back.

"Well, I'm staring at him as speak. We have a problem," the officer tugged Nick from me and said, "Thanks for bringing him. Give Janice your name and contact information please?" He and Soul ran back to the cells. Soul glanced back, gave me a devilish smile, and then disappeared away to the cells.

I looked over at Janice, shook my head, and went to the restroom to get off this act. Soon enough, I'll be rising from the bathroom my clean self once again.

Mission save Jonas butts is a go.

Chapter Twenty Seven

Nick's POV.

"What up man?!" I asked as Soul entered my cell.

"Yo! Nick! Long time no see!" Soul gave me a knuckle and winked.

"Damn Nick, it's been forever. Well I just saw us in the mirror a couple minutes ago, but it's a lot more relaxing seeing my old self in the flesh," I smiled one of my rare toothy grins at Soul. I glanced over at the two officers who were watching us. They look dumbfounded; confused beyond belief. Whatever Soul is up to is definitely working.

"Boys, we're not stupid. Somethings going on, and we expect some answers," Jackson said and opened up the cell door. "Johnson, bring these two young men to Interrogation Room B, we need to figure out what  they're up to,"

"I'm not up to anything," I snickered at the officer. "But I will give you some answers," I looked over at Soul and nodded to him. "We'll both give you some answers," The officer rolled his eyes and guided us down the hallway. I glanced at myself in the mirror on the side of the hallway and checked out my wrists, which were cuffed and locked. Man, I would make a good badass. Too bad I already have the churchy, cookie cutter pop star look down, otherwise I'd go into some legit crime duties.

"Dude, Brooke's in the lobby. She told me we have to tell them everything, and just hope they'll believe us. Did you say anything earlier?" Soul whispered into my ear.

"No, not really. Wait...What? Brooke is in the hallway? I thought she died?" I whispered.

"Nope, her clone died, it's a really long story..." Soul began to explain. I felt like a huge weight from shoulders was lifted. Brooke's alive.

We continued walking and passed by a group of schoolgirls on a tour from a local police officer, and I swear... I just got the best 'WTF' look I've ever seen. Having a twin is more fun than I thought.

"All right good, with me here they'll probably start to listen," Soul said one more time and then led me into Interrogation Room B.

We sat down in the two chairs across from the table and an unfamiliar man walked in.

"Hello boys, my name is Charles Hartmin, and I'm your worst nightmare."

"Oh good one, I haven't heard that one before!" I smirked at Soul, remembering the first night we met, back when he wanted me dead. Soul rolled his eyes but gave me the slightest smile. I looked Charles up and down, checking out my competition in the game of keep Nick Jonas out of jail. He had the classic shady brown hair, glasses, and untucked messy button down shirt. His pants were crinkled and his shoes were obviously used for mowing the lawn, they had the green rim around bottom of the shoe.

"Clever Jonas, if that is you real name," the man circled the table and looked at us suspiciously. I can not take this guy seriously. Not only is he unprofessional, he's also trying to be intimidating, but I know even a 5 year old wouldn't be scared.

"Yup, it's my real name. Nicholas Jerry Jonas. Birthdate: September 16th, 1992. Occupation: International musical genius. If we could wrap this up as soon as possible, that'd be great. I have a World Tour to complete and I already have to start preppin' for the Grammies."

"Smartass, much?" Charles tried to lift one eyebrow up, but obviously failed miserable.

"I get that a lot," I responded and raised my eyebrow perfectly (obviously).

"Now that we have that covered, who are you?" Charles looked at Soul.

"Nicholas Jerry Jonas clone, subname Soul. Birthdate: June 13th, 2007. Ocupation: currently unemployed, used to work for Jen Brickstone, pretending to identify myself as the Jonas Brothers, hoaxing videos of fake unrepeatable activities," Soul proudly boasted out, keeping his face straight.

You know what's fun? Watching Charles's mouth drop all the way down to the ground, at the speed of light.

"Jackson? Johnson? I need backup," Charles spoke into his walkie talkie. He stared at the two of us and shook his head. "Just wait until the captain hears this,"

"Waiting," Soul and I said at the same time, and then proceeded to give each other a high five.

Chapter Twenty Eight

"There's no way in hell a human can be cloned. Let alone three," the captain of New Hogan police department screamed at the two boys. "It's utterly impossible,"

"How do you explain this then?" Nick stood up and grabbed Soul by the shoulder and thrusted himself next to him. "We're IDENTICAL. He is my CLONE."

"The only logical answer is that you guys are twins," Captain Richard glared at the boys.

"Twins? Yeah right. How do you explain Kevin's clone? And Joe's clone? How unlikely is it for a family to have 3 twins in a row and keep it a secret for 22 years? Very, very, very, VERY unlikely. So unlikely that it's way more logical a freaking mad scientist decided to give me this god awful life of being a slave to a woman I don't even know! DON'T tell me I've been living for 17 years. DON'T tell me I've lived a life. I've been alive on this earth for less than one month. And you know what? I'll be off this earth before you know it. I am a clone. Don't tell me it isn't impossible, because believe me sir, IT'S FREAKIN POSSIBLE!" Soul yelled at the officer and started pacing around the room, furious. "It's one thing to be told I have to do whatever 'the master' says. It's another to be told I'm not who I really am. I am a clone. I have no life. And I never will. Don't ever tell me again I'm real. 'Cause officer, I never have been, and I never will. Put me in jail, whatever. I guarentee you. I'll be dead by next week."

The officer looked at Soul, then at Nick, then at the three other police officers standing in the room. "I don't know what to say," he sighed and put his hands on his head and just shook his head. "How in the world could they have pulled this off? Where are your other known clones?"

"I honestly don't know. Last I saw them they were at the house Jen kept us, I'm hoping they've either escaped or they're still there. I'm not sure," Soul whispered and looked at Nick. Nick smiled at him and nodded his head.

"Everything is going to be alright, bud," Nick said and patted his hand on Soul's shoulder. "A little bit longer, and we'll all be fine," There was slight pause and everyone in the room was quiet.

"Sounds legit to me," Jackson perked up, one of the officers.

"You're telling me we should buy their story?" Richard looked at him, interested in his answer.

"Hell yeah. That speech that boy gave, Soul. It was from his heart. He many not claim he's living, but he sure has learned more about the meaning of life in a couple of weeks than I have in my 47 years. I've never heard something so unbelieving be so convincing. So yes. I'm buying their story. Soul is Nick Jonas' clone," Jackson said and nodded at Soul.

For the first time in a long time, Soul smiled and meant it. That was exactly what he needed to hear.

"All right, sounds good to me. Johnson- uncuff 'em. I'll go release the other two. Do you know where this other house is?" Richard asked the identical teenagers.

"Brooke should know...she should be in the waiting room. So, yeah. We know. Thank you very much sir, I appreciate this beyond belief," Nick said and started to feel his wrists, which were finally let free.

"I expect a mention in your grammy acceptance speech," Richard blinked and everyone laughed.

"Nah, I plan on dedicating that one to Soul," Nick said, quiet enough for only Soul to hear. Soul just looked at Nick and mouthed, Thank you. For everything. Nick gave the boy a high five and answered, "Man are the fans gonna get a kick outta you,"

5 Minutes Later

Once again finally everyone was united again. Nick, Kevin, Joe, Soul, and Brooke. Now all they needed were the other doubles and this time, NOTHING could get in the way of them.

Chapter Twenty Nine

No ones POV.

"Brooke, I'm so glad you're okay," Joe said to Brooke, who was sitting directly next to him. "I'm not sure what I would have done if you would have gotten hurt. I am so sorry we dragged you into this," He grabbed her hands and rubbed them and gave her a slight kiss on the cheek.

"Joe, it's fine. Everything is finally working out. All you have done is given me a few days of excitement," Brooke smiled and looked at the ground. Truthfully, half of her was still shaken up about the whole situation. But the other half of her was doing imaginary cartwheels because the hottest guy in her world just kissed her on the cheek.

"No, it's not fine. We endangered your life," Joe said again and grabbed Brooke into her arms and gave her a big hug. "Thanks for putting up with our Jonas drama," Brooke just smiled and wiped away a few tears and let Joe hold her up.

"I hate to be the one to say this, but, love fest has gotta end. My clone bros are still out there and even though we have less than 10 days to live, I still would like to see them one last time. Do you think they're still at the house?" Soul asked. Joe let go of Brooke and nodded.

"Yeah, let's head there. Uh, officer?" Nick asked Jackson who was a couple feet away filling out a report.

"Nick? Soul? Sorry, I can't tell you apart. But yes?" he dropped his pen and paper and went over to the group of kids.

"Can you maybe give us a lift to the warehouse we believe our clones are? It would help us greatly, sir," Kevin answered for Nick and Jackson nodded.

"Sure thing, boys! And girl. Meet me out in front in 5 minutes, we'll take one of our vans," Jackson nodded and ran off to his desk.

"Perfect. I feel like this is too good to be true, though," Joe said and looked at his brothers. "We've gone through hell this past week and I feel like it's never going to end. If something good happens, I... I.... I'm seriously more worried now than I was before." Joe smiled and shook his head.

"Don't worry, we all are," Nick sighed. "But hey, maybe we can make some top hits out of these emotions we've had. Perhaps the bright side to look forward to?"

"True that. Not gonna lie, though, I'm pretty eager to get back to Myspace," Joe laughed. Everyone erupted into laughter and softly pounded his shoulder.

Brooke looked around at the brothers and saw happiness in them once again. Nick was grinning ear to ear and you could barely notice the bags under his eyes anymore. Everything was finally working out for the better. Or so she thought, until she noticed Soul was no longer in the group huddle.

"Uh, guys? Where is Soul?!" Brooke called out and looked around for the boy she just met, but began to love.

"What do you mean where is Soul?" Kevin replied and frantically look around.

"I knew it was too good to be truth," Joe sighed to himself and slumped down into a chair and shook his head. He put his hands on his face and let the tears fall. He was ready for this week to be over.

"Soul!" They all yelled out, looking around for the clone. But he was no where to be found.

Chapter Thirty

This is in Brooke's POV.

It's been a couple days since I was at the police station with the boys. A couple of days since we lost Soul...and one day since we found him. I would tell the story about his disappearance, but it's the same old same old. You've already heard this story before, many times. Basically, Jen and her brother didn't want word to get out about the clones, so he tried, and failed, to recapture the clones and kill them once and for all. He probably would have gotten away with it, though, if it weren't for the fact the clones were of multi-platinum, world famous boys in a band. One step out in public, and it's like girls are paperclips and the boys are the magnets - they're attracted to them with complete force.

So, this time around, it wasn't very hard to find Soul, Gorgeous, and Cucumber. And this time around, the police took charge and let us - Joe, Kevin, Nick, and I sit out and not get our hands dirty. It only took two days to find all three of them, first they found Kevin's clone, then Nick's, and lastly Joe's. It was easier than the first time, and this time, no one got killed. Major plus in my book.

Anyway, so here I am. Once and for all, everyone is fine and when I say nothing bad is going to happen, actually nothing bad is going to happen. Jen and her brother are in jail, and we have three days until the "expiration dates" of the clones are up. Meaning, we have three days until they die. The boys decided they wanted to bring them to their favorite places and give them a taste of the real lifestyle we all live. They're going to spend the next three days checking out each of their own favorite things. Nick is going to the bring Cucumber to a baseball game, Kevin is bringing Soul and Gorgeous to meet his girlfriend and show them a bit about guitar. They have three days to live, and we're all supposed to meet at their Los Angeles house in two days. Apparently Nick has some plan for them, to leave their life out in a bang. As depressing at it sounds, everything is okay. Especially for me.

If you didn't notice Joe wasn't assigned to hang out with any of the clones. Guess who he was assigned to look after? Me. Get ready to read about a little romantic confrontation between Joe and I. Sorry, if you'd rather read about Nick's baseball game or Kevin's guitar get away. But this time around, you're stuck to hear about Joe's sensitive side.

"We're about to land," Joe said and smiled at me.

"Any hint on where or what we're doing?" I asked, puzzled at what we were going to do. Joe winked and pulled out his backpack from under his seat. We were on a private jet to Los Angeles, all I knew was that we were going to be staying at his place. I looked out the window. Everything vaguely familiar, but I've never gone to LA before. Wait a minute...

"Joe? Are we still in...Minnesota?" I asked, looking at the airport decorate by pine trees, instead of the classic California palm trees.

"That is possible," he said with a grin.

"Do you mean we just flew in a bunch of circles for three hours just to land back in Minnesota?" I asked, shocked to why he wanted to stay here.

"I know that doesn't sound the best for the environment, but I had good reason. And it wasn't three hours. You fell asleep 15 minutes into the flight for about 20 minutes, I lied and told you you slept for 2 and a half hours," he laughed to himself and I could tell he was giving himself a mental high five.

"Well aren't you clever. But, why are we here?" I asked, confused.

"We have some unfinished business, Brooke. For starters, you never got your swim in the lake," he said and stood up and started walking off to the jet door.

"What swim in the lake?" I asked, once again - confused.

"When we first met, you were in the lake, but you saw me and my dad and we interrupted your swim. It's time for me to make up for all the time you lost,"

"I lost no time, Joe. I loved almost every minute I spent with you guys. Sure, it was stressful and hard, but it was an adventure. You gave me a summer I'll never forget."

"Brooke, summer isn't nearly over," he said and we walked off the jet together.

"Yes, but we only have like three days here!"

"I would still like to spend the rest of summer with you. My brothers and I are probably going to get our summer tour back in the works. Would you ever want to in a million years want to come on tour with us? I'll try my best to keep out of trouble this time,"

My stomach dropped. Joe fricken Jonas just asked me to go on tour with his brothers. Joe fricken Jonas just asked ME to go on tour with the Jonas Brothers.


I let my inner teenie scream but casually responded, "Uh, yeah sure! That sounds awesome." I smiled to myself and Joe gleamed.

"Perfect," he grabbed my hand and we walked off to a limo waiting for us a couple hundred feet out. Before I could even think about this amazing weekend ahead of me, I immediately thought of the hundreds of death threats I am about to get.

Dating a Jonas isn't as carefree as you'd think.

And yes, I said dating.


Chapter Thirty One

Three days later. This is in no ones POV.

"You guys ready?" Nick asked, looking at his brothers clones Cucumber, Soul, and Gorgeous. They all nodded and Nick smiled. "Alright, here's what is going to happen. You and Big Rob are going to exit the hotel, and you guys are going to meet the fans who have been waiting outside for the past couple hours. Remember, you are Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas. Don't give it away you're our clones.  You can only spend a maximum of 10 minutes meeting the fans. Soak it all in, and then that limo will pick you up and drive off,"

"Sounds good," Cucumber said, adjusting the hat on his head making sure it wouldn't come off. He had to make sure no one noticed he had no left ear.

"I guess this is it," Nick said, looking directly at Soul. "Go enjoy yourselves, you'll have fun, I promise," The boys nodded and then Big Rob guided them out the hotel room.

"Thanks, Nick. This means a lot," Nick gave him a slight smile and paused, taking one last look at Soul. Soul winked and quietly shut the hotel room and started walking down the hallway with his clone brothers.

Big Rob brought them to the entrance of the hotel and asked them one last time, "Are you ready for this? You're going to have girls all over you guys for the next ten minutes,"

"I'm excited," Gorgeous said, and as a group of famous brothers, they all opened the hotel door and were greeted by the screams of hundreds of girls.

"Joe! Come here!" Cucumber heard right away, and was welcomed by a group of pretty teenagers all dressed up. "Nick!" "Kevin, get a picture with me!" All smiles, one by one the boys scattered around to all the fans and met each and every one of them, taking in their last few moments.

"This is amazing! I love you guys!" Soul said, with the biggest smile on his face ever. He had a toothy smile in every picture, making every girl practically faint from shock.

The ten minutes went by pretty fast and Big Rob silently pointed the limo waiting. 

"It's time, guys," The three boys looked at each other and hand in hand, walked towards the limo. They look one last glimpse of the fans behind them and smiled.

"We love you guys! More than anything!" they all yelled at once. Every girl squealed, one girl cried, and a few screamed. 

One by one, the boys piled into the limo and drove off to their next destination - the Foreground Cemetery, their death was in approximately three minutes.

Operation Take Down The Haters is officially over.