the self portrait

"The moment when a man comes to paint himself – he may do it only two or three times in a lifetime, perhaps never – has in the nature of things a special significance." -Lawrence Gowing

2017 brought a lot of new art into my life, and I found myself practicing one particular form of art a lot more than I ever have in my life: the self portrait. Here is a look back on 2017 & the self portraits I created.


This is the first self portrait I ever did. I set up my camera on a tripod as the sun set and posed on my bed. You can't even see my face in the photo, which was no accident. I was very insecure about posting this photo - not only do you have to self confidence in yourself to post a self portrait, you have to have confidence in your art as well.


This is the second self portrait I took. I took it a couple months later, in my bedroom in Minnesota. I was home for the summer for some time and extremely bored. I hadn't touched my camera in weeks and I was desperate to create something, but I had no muses or subjects other than myself. I was currently obsessing over the color red, and I needed to create something. So, I packed up my backpack and walked to the CVS down the street.I purchased as many red poster boards as i could and walked back home. This was my first attempt at a "studio" photoshoot. This photo was taken at a very intense time in my life and I am grateful I have this documentation to remember it.

After that, I began to feel more and more comfortable documenting myself in front of the camera. Eventually, it almost turned into nearly an obsession. I wasn't doing this out of vanity - I was doing it out of creative obsession.

Here are some of the other self portraits I've taken this year: